3 Amazing Ways Video Content Marketing Can Improve Your SEO

The immense ability of Google to differentiate good content from bad is no secret. In fact, it is getting better day after day. No wonder, present age SEO strategies prefer user experience over traditional link building tactics. The most powerful change in this scenario is video content.

It is true that a video is not readable and Google contextualize it in the same way algorithm of search engine can process the written word. However, it is still a very powerful and immensely useful technique for climbing the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Here are some strong reasons for the same:

  1. Role Played by YouTube

Most experts like to refer YouTube to as a search engine. In fact, it is the second biggest search engine on the planet (owned by Google itself). Hence, it is important to consider organic SEO from within the ecosystem of YouTube. These channels and videos can be optimized to help users rank higher within search engine of YouTube and that of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). It would not be wrong to say that Google gives preference to YouTube videos. Once you make your way through YouTube, you may see positive impact in other SERPs too.

You can focus on use of appropriate keyword planner tools. Also optimize title of each video, its description, metadata, and tags. This is crucial to supply your content with the best opportunity to get noticed and thrive in future. Make sure the title includes keywords that need to be ranked on Google’s first page. Also the description must run to a minimum of 200 words. Add as must info (relevant) to metadata information as possible. This will make sure your content gets located by the right audience.

Do not ignore the importance of creating fresh, relevant, and engaging content to attract results of SEO efforts.

  1. Improves Conversion Rate

This is true. Video marketing enhances overall conversion rate to a significant extent. According to a research, it has been revealed that shoppers are twice more likely to purchase a product after viewing videos as compared to those who don’t. This proves that adding a video can help you with improved conversions. As per a report by Google, around 50 per cent people look for product videos before they visit online store. So incorporating the concept of video marketing into SEO strategy will help you drive potential customers to your brick and mortar store. If you are looking for SEO services to increase conversion so visit here: www.smanikdesign.com/seo-services/

  1. Use of Rich Snippets for click-through-rate (CTR) Boost in SERPs

The search engine results pages of Google are updated on a regular basis. This helps it index added information on a website. Rich snippets are used for the same. These can be used offer potential visitors a better idea of what to expect on your website before they decide to click through.

A thumbnail of your video is displayed by Google. It will also have title of video and a short sentence to describe its content. The choice of thumbnail, accuracy of description and optimization is crucial. Well-designed images attract all. So make the thumbnail of your video as attractive as possible.

Google is giving more on-page real estate to rich snippets, which have been proven time and time again to secure higher click-through rates. In other words, if you have a video on your site, you want to be using rich snippets to allow people to preview that video in the SERPs and boost your CTR.


The best examples depicting significance of video content in online marketing include the crazy success of Snapchat Ads, Instagram Stories, and YouTube influencers. These are enough to inspire you to trust the capability of video content marketing for improving SEO.