3 Best IBM Managing Services That You Can Use For Business Expansion

When working on IBM systems, it gets increasingly difficult to work with new technologies. The reason is, IBM apps are not easily integrated and are less agile when it comes to modern interfaces. Thus, to help speed up the process of user satisfaction – necessary for business expansion – you must take the help of IBM managed services with Fresche solutions. The guide below is a comprehensive list of some of the best services offered by this company and its benefits.

  1. Strategy And Planning Services

Strategy and planning services are necessary for the proper transformation of IBM applications with completeness. The best benefits of having these services are given below.

  • They, tools from the X-analysis suite, allow proper evaluation of the IBM applications to find out what programs require upgradation and what are the best technologies, that when migrated in the IBM OS, will help in code improvement
  • Modernization services by professionals help in evaluating the number of projects that can be started within your budget and also the estimated number of employees that’ll be needed for the task of project completion
  1. Modernization Roadmap Services

It is elemental to have a blueprint ready before carrying out the transformation of legacy systems. And the best benefits of having roadmap services include the following.

  • They help in finding out what interface will work in compliance with the IBM I apps to improve their look and performance. Interfaces like GUI are the most preferred ones. It is because this interface makes IBM I apps a visual delight
  • They are used to convert green screens into UI’s that are web responsive. Besides, the apps are made mobile-friendly so that users can view them on their smartphones
  • When the applications are upgraded and the legacy languages are replaced by Java and .NET, it increases the productivity of all departments by streamlining the workflow. Further, it triggers the approval rate so that the deadlines are met
  1. IT Health Check Services

IT health check services are provided to analyze code performance. Besides, they are used for data analysis too. The benefits of these services are given below.

  • They help in assessing the increase in productivity post-transformation of IBM I apps. Also, all such services provide a report of how well the resources are being looked after
  • Depending upon the current condition of your business, professionals suggest the migration of new technologies that will be beneficial for business growth