3 best laptop brand of 2016

Are you looking to buy a new laptop this year, reliability and good performance should be given higher priority. Many people ask themselves, which brand would be the best. All laptop shoppers can surf through online to get an idea about different brands available in Indian market. You may go through the website top 101 news to know the latest news about technology and electronic products. Before making a purchase, it is very important to read the customer review to get an idea about a particular product. Every person might have experienced different with laptop brands, but you must choose a brand which is more reliable.

3 best laptop brands of 2016

  • Apple2

Apple laptops are the most reliable ones and if you buy a MacBook, you can expect, you have chosen the right product. The main thing remains only those who are ready to spend enough money can only afford MacBook. The laptop has a solid design and the latest one is thinner and powerful. The aluminium frame will help you to reduce damage. The keyboard is pleasant to be used and the battery life of the product is too high. To know more updates about the new MacBook, you may check the website top 101 news.

  • Dell2

Dell belongs to an ultrabook segment and it is really a portable laptop that works great. Students looking for a laptop to purchase for college use, may choose Dell brand. Dell is a reliable brand because the computer never breaks and has a good track record. Dell provides the best customer support and if something goes wrong, the customer service will provide you immediate solution.

  • Asus2

If you are looking for an extra reliable computer at an affordable cost, then you may choose Asus. Asus offers laptop at varying sizes and the company has scored well in surveys.