3 Digital Necessities for Your Resume

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Forget Microsoft Office and Outlook. The tech skills employers really want to see on your resume are far more complex these days. In fact, according to a LinkedIn analysis of the most in-demand skills for 2016, 19 out of 25 skills were tech related! Living in a digital world means honing in your digital skills! But what’s important to employers? What skills will take you from application to hired? Here are the three digital necessities your resume needs to be in vogue this season:

  1. Coding

Did you know that the number one most sought after skill of Computerworld’s “10 Hottest Tech Skills for 2017” is coding? Coding has permeated every aspect of our existence from the apps you use to carry out your daily routine to the plastic bottle your water comes in. Somewhere along the way, a code was created to get the end product you take for granted every day. What’s more, for those who want to learn how to code, it is easier than ever! With schools such as the San Antonio Coding Academy, it can take as little as nine months to become a full-fledged developer! Whether you want to learn several means of coding or just the basics, there are a plethora of options available to help you master this skill quickly and proficiently.Image result for 3 Digital Necessities for Your Resume

  1. Data security

Did you know that an estimated 28% of data security compromises come from the inside? Employers these days need to know that their employees know how to avoid putting their data at risk. Security breaches mean lost money and destroyed reputations. Understanding the fundamentals of data security can go a long way toward helping you land the job you’ve been eyeing! Simple things such as recognizing a phishing email, creating a strong password, understanding downloaded files, or knowing how to encrypt files before sending them translate to valuable prevention for employers.

  1. Social Media

Now this skill is a double edge sword as most employers not only want you to be able to maximize social media but many also incorporate strict social media guidelines. The key here is finding the balance. Understanding how social media works, how to utilize advertising, how to monitor social media engagement, and the art of shutting down a trolling troller are all invaluable to a company’s reputation and marketing. However, the wrong status update, comment, or post can be disastrous to a company’s hard earned reputation and bottom line. It becomes imperative that you not only know how to use social media but when not to use social media as well.

The good news is it’s never too late to brush up on your tech skills and expand your resume! You’ll be glad you did! Take the time to make your skillset stand out from the competition and highlight your digital dominance. You may want to teach yourself or take a class, get a certification or volunteer for a project. Whatever path you take, it’s time to earn your digital chops!