4 Things Customers Want When Buying Online

People consider online purchasing almost as a daily routine and it is easy to understand why; there are no queues, you can browse however long you want, and you do not even have to purchase anything, so there is no pressure of any kind. On the other hand, there are so many bad online stores, that even though you want to buy something, you’d rather give up than try to navigate the labyrinth of hidden fees.

We are all customers, but as website owners, we must be aware of what is annoying to our visitors and we must do everything in our power to eliminate them – not only because we want to earn more money, that is always the ultimate goal; but also because we want to create a much better experience for everyone who visits, which can easily turn into a good marketing campaign.

  1. Unambiguous Prices

Is there anything worse than finding what you want, and only later discovering that the shipping is twice the item’s price, or that there is a hidden processing fee? Of course not – in the end, it is not about the price, it is about the principle; I, as a customer, do not want things and prices to be hidden from me.

Many websites say they offer free shipping, and they put a little disclaimer mark, and only later will you discover that the shipping is free if you spend over a set amount of money, or within that state. Whatever the catch is, why not simply say it outright; visitors will respect it more, or they simply won’t waste their time if they find the terms unreasonable.

  1. Clearly Defined Deals and Express Purchasebuy online

When a visitor comes to a big online store, where should they start? Well, it is either at the newest additions or the deals category; it is perfectly natural for everyone to try and grab something cheap. Many sites simply hide these categories, while the other thing should be done – they should be prominently displayed on the first page.

A good deal might make a visitor spend more than intended, especially if they feel the deal is particularly good. Many people will be able to spend more money if you have an express purchase option available – do not make people register unnecessarily, and always accept all kinds of cards, debit and credit ones, as well as popular payment services such as PayPal. Visit https://www.crowdreviews.com/best-credit-card-processing-companies and find the best service for your website that will enable you to make the purchase a bit easier.

  1. Easy Search and Navigation

Once again, the larger your product catalog, the bigger importance must be placed on sorting it properly, and making it extremely search-friendly. The place of the search box itself also matter, as many users expect to find it on the upper left side – furthermore, many people expect to find suggestions that appear when we start typing – similar to the Google search engine. This might seem like an expensive and difficult option to implement, but with a few well optimized add-ons, it can be achieved.

  1. Responsive Support Chat

The only obvious drawback of the online store is that there are no workers that can immediately help you with any questions that you might have. On the other hand, this is exactly the reason why many people opt for online stores in the first place, but when questions appear, it is better that you have an easy way of contacting you and your customer support agent.

It is important to have a well-placed contact us page where people can contact you via the support form, phone or email, but another great idea is to simply implement instant live chat. This will require someone to constantly be on the other side and answer all the questions, but that is the price of having an online store.

Make sure to be informative with your answers and provide as much information as possible. Also, your language used must be perfect, no one wants to talk with someone who can barely write a proper sentence or two.

With all these features, your store will certainly become a much more inviting place for visitors to shop, but it will require a bit of patience and an initial investment to get it all started.