4 Types of Speed Cameras You Should be Aware About

Speed cameras have been in use everywhere, and it tends to segregate the opinions of many drivers. But, they play a very important role in road safety. These are usually installed in locations which are prone to accidents or where drivers are considered to drive at high paces. These cameras are used as a deterrent and also capture drivers who violate the law and endanger other people via high speeds. Here is a handy guide for you to know more about traffic speed cameras at Trafficlogix.com.

What kinds of speed cameras are available?

  1. Fixed cameras

The most common types of speed cameras. These are the yellow and grey machines you notice by the roadsides. They can be installed rear facing or forward facing. Rear facing is the most preferred form of installation.

  1. Mobile cameras

These are often installed on motorways, accident hotspots or busy roads. They are operated either from within the vehicles of by the police manually with the help of radar guns to capture the speeds of the drivers.

  1. Average speed cameras

They are usually found on motorways during the roadworks and now have been very common these days. They tend to record your speed and time stamp between various cameras in order to ascertain your average speed.

  1. Variable speed cameras

They are very similar to average speed cameras, they are variable kind of camera that is usually used on smart motorways and are utilized to avoid traffic congestion, when there is a poor weather or an accident. But they aren’t put to use all the time.

How can I find out where the speed cameras are installed?

There are many websites on the internet that let you search for the installation of the fixed speed camera locations. If you are too willing to know where the mobile speed cameras are installed, some tend to publicize their locations on the internet, albeit they are quite difficult to research for. You can also buy speed camera detectors that will notify and alert you to the imminent speed cameras. Many sat navigations and dash cameras also have built in systems which are helpful in notifying the drivers of the nearby cameras. There are also many mobile apps available in your smartphone which are updated on a regular basis with the installation location of the speed cameras.