5 Coolest Construction Technology To Watch In 2019

Although the construction industry is a little slow to adapt to change, it doesn’t mean that they’re not opening doors to new possibilities brought by technology. As a matter of fact, recent advancements have been happening in the past few years, such as smart PPE, hi-tech waterfilled barriers, smart goggles, IoT devices, and many more.

To give you a better idea of how wonderful construction tech is, allow us to discuss the top 5 most cooling construction technology to watch out for in 2019.

1. Material Innovations

Ask any construction industry expert, and he’d tell you that a lot is happening in construction materials, and there are no signs that it’s going to stop any time soon. One of the most popular ones would make probably the self-healing concrete where the material is made up of mixed-in calcite-precipitating bacteria that can germinate when water enters the cracks of the damaged pavement.

That means it fills up the gaps which improve the stability of the structures and prevents the negative impact of erosion. Likewise, there’s also “kinetic paving” wherein energy can be harvested through footsteps and this generates electricity. This innovation is already being used in airports, public spaces, and football pitches where there’s high foot traffic.

2. Smart Buildings

Smart buildings utilize technology to connect with building systems, the environment, and most especially the people. These automated processes are utilized to control various operations, such as air conditioning, lighting, heating, security, and many more.

With the use of sensors, microchips, and other useful technologies, it has become possible to collect important data that could help during building operations. By 2019, we can expect that this technology would continue to improve.

3. Modular Construction

For those who are not familiar with the term, modular construction is a process wherein elements of a building are made off-site, but with the same quality of materials used in on-site construction.

What made this ideal is the fact that it prevents environmental interference because it delivers components and when necessary, it also allows as much as 70% of a building to be made as components. Something like this offers a lot of benefits.

4. Cloud Collaboration

Remote sharing can be enjoyed through cloud collaboration, and it functions as a review tool for engineers, as well as architects that digitizes the progress on construction projects which makes it possible for better cooperation. Through this, better communication can be enjoyed, and team members no longer must wait for having their concerns addressed. Thus, it’s a cost-saving innovation.

5. Drones

These are not something new, but by the year 2019, we’ll see more of this in the construction industry. These are very useful when it comes to site survey, maps, and 3D images. Construction workers don’t have to risk their lives anymore as these can be handled by these flying machines instead.

There you have it, these are just some of the few technological innovations that we should look forward to in 2019. There’s more to come, and these are just some of the best that has been changing the construction industry for the better.