5 SEO Myths You Need To Stop Believing This 2019

One can agree that SEO is a constantly-changing, leaving digital marketers always on their feet to try and adapt to these changes. However, when one missed even the tiniest update and detail, this can cause confusion and misconceptions. To help you understand SEO facts from fiction, we are here to debunk five SEO myths so you won’t need to believe them before the year ends.

Myth #1: SEO is a Short-Time Commitment

Many business owners who just discovered the power of SEO thinks that they can achieve great results after doing some SEO magic. What they fail to realize is that Search Engine Optimization is a long-term commitment. It is always better to hire a good  SEO consultant New York and have your website fix now and then. It is because Search engines like Google regularly change and update their algorithm. They need to tweak their SEO strategies every now and then to keep up and yield better results.

Myth #2: You Can Do SEO by Yourself

Like any field, SEO requires knowledge, experience, and an open eye on the latest trends. As a business owner, you’ll most likely have not enough time and expertise in SEO, because if you do, then the kind of business you’ll have would be one that offers SEO services. Your best option would be to get a good SEO consultant New York to do it for you. Their expertise and knowledge can help you get better website rankings, drive visitors and eventually convert them into clients.

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Myth #3: Great and Long Contents Will Automatically Rank High

We often hear that the more words your contents have, the better. But in reality, it is the quality of the content that matters – not the number of words used nor the number of posts you got. Even quality contents alone are not enough to rank high in search results. What you need is to post unique, engaging and good-quality materials and an excellent SEO strategy to achieve a good ranking.

Myth #4: Guest Posting is Not Effective and a Time-Waster

Many blog owners used to think that guest posting is not an effective way to drive traffic to your site, when the truth is, it still depends on the type of content you make. If you settle for spammy, plagiarized and low-quality contents, then you really can’t expect good results. Guest Posting only becomes effective if you meet the standards of the website, write high-quality and engaging contents that their audiences will find useful and interesting and if you add quality links linking back to your site.

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Myth #5 Buying Old Domains is Better than Building a New Website

For startup business owners, they are often torn between two options when owning a site – to buy an expired domain or create a new one. The truth is, it is true that domain age counts, but it is only a small factor, you don’t need to worry about how old it may be. What matters is what you put in your website (content) and how you optimize it (your SEO strategy).

There are still a lot more myths that need to be debunked. Keep this list in mind if you want nothing but the best SEO results, for nothing is better than knowing the truth behind every myth. To know more about how to have the best SEO strategy for your website, visit this address.