5 Tools Every SEO Expert Should Be Using

Search engine Optimization which is focused on growing visibility in organic search engine results  is an important marketing discipline . Although it sounds so easily achievable it is not that simple. In order to be successful in your job you should know the art of coming up with effective keywords, know where your opponents rank in search engines and a lot other tiny aspects.  A lot of activities need to be done by a company to be considered as a high quality SEO company. In order to manage different activities or keep you up on track you might want to use some helpful tools. There are various tools that might be handy for SEO experts, but I will talk about the best and most useful ones.

SEMrush is the world’s leading  company which offers extensive research service for online marketing. You can do different kinds of research by using Semrush: Organic Research: to get the information about new organic competitors, Advertising research to reveal your competitors advertising strategies, keywords research and budget. Among with the keyword research option they provide useful tools like: The Keyword Difficulty Tool- which shows the ranking of keywords according to their difficulty levels, as well as the tool that helps you with finding long tail keywords by gathering phrase matches and related keywords. Semrush has a great experience in marketing. Their team which is  full of specialists is focused on creating the best competitive company.

Ahrefs is another company that provides useful researching tools for SEO. One of the options is Site Exploring that combines three other tools in itself: Organic traffic research- allows you to see the keywords that your competitors are ranking for,  Backlink checker, Paid traffic research- helps to find out if your competitors are doing paid search advertising. Their Keyword research tool has tons of keywords to offer. They also provide Keyword difficulty scoring tool, accurate “search volume” and a lot more. Research tools give you the opportunity to find the most popular articles and provide information about what make those articles so popular: social shares, organic search traffic, referring domains. Ahrefs’ rank tracking tool can also be super useful as it allows you to track your keyword rankings based on any location you choose.

Moz is focused on search engine optimization, which they think  is a great way of marketing but one of the least understood aspects of marketing at the same time. Moz has just simplified SEO for everyone. They have a great keyword explorer which they claim to be the most accurate. Among with all other essential tools they have a special bar that is called MozBar, it’s an instant metrics tool that analyzes social and page metrics of any desired website.

Alexa is a company owned by “Amazon” . In order to get the best results from SEO It offers customers “Marketing Stack” including: SEO Audit Tool, Keyword Difficulty Tool, Competitor Keyword Matrix, SEO Checker, Competitor Backlink Checker and much more. By using Alexa you can easily get the information about the strategies that your competitors use, get to know every step they took on their way to success. Alexa  helps you to improve results from SEO. It is concentrated on delivering the best and the most useful tools to the customers.

Google analytics can also be super handy during a SEO campaign. It simply tracks the performance of your keywords and shows how much traffic each of the keywords bring. Good thing is that the traffic data is not only from Google, but also other search engines. What’s important and great about this tool is that even though it is so useful and has no less than any other mentioned companies to offer, all of those services are absolutely free. With Google Analytics  SEO companies are able to: identify which pages and links your visitors click the most., to fine tune their website. to find out which keywords their opponents use…