6 Fastest Way to Grow Your Blog Post

Writing a great article does not guarantee that you’ll have a lot of view on the post. You can write a great article that is capable of shaking your industry and turning a reader’s mind possibly for the best but will end up not reaching a lot of people.

In this case, what you need is to use the art wp themes to organize your site, posts and reach a wider audience.

There are Strategies You Need to Implore to Achieve that Aim

Promoting your blog comes with the first set up your site, internally before posting it and you can do that by implementing the things you ought to do on your site.

Add a Link to your Article in Old Relating Articles

This will create internal links to your new article (which is good for SEO) and will help to discover this article to readers who arrive naturally on your site.

Create an Excel document with the titles of your articles, the URL and the keywords. This will make it easy to find articles around the same theme and to add links if appropriate mostly through filters.

However, you can also use extensions that’ll help you automate this process by automatically adding a link for each specified keyword.

Add the Link to the Article on a Theme Resource Page

A resource page is a page where you group links to all articles around a theme. You can optimize this page for SEO and share it easily.

Put a Link to Your Article in the Sidebar

You can do this automatically with a widget that displays your recent articles or adds it manually.

An image should be inserted into the article so it can be promoted, possibly in the sidebar of your site.

Social media networks are one of the best ways to promote your content, it attracts attention to your posts and with its icons can be shared with a larger audience.

And here too, there are many more things you can do than just share Facebook or Tweet!

Place this Post at the Top of Your Facebook Page:

This allows each visitor to your Facebook page to immediately see this publication (even if you publish something else in the meantime). The intranet wp themes also helps you in standing out and pushing your blog out.

Enjoyed this article? WordPress themes are a great way to get your business running in the best possible way.