6 Ways Cloud-Based Services Serve Small and Medium Size Businesses

The ease and accessibility of the internet has helped to cultivate a new type of business sense.  Sure, small businesses have been around much longer than larger corporations, but technology has focused much effort on helping major enterprises succeed, with the small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) left to their own devices.  

Over the past decade or so, however, meadewillis.com cloud-based services has really helped to open more opportunities for expansion among the SMB community. Cloud-based services are different from their ancestral enterprise services in a few ways, and these differences certainly make cloud-based infrastructures a much better choice for the SMB client.


For one, small and medium-sized business typically find that moving towards an enterprise-class IT infrastructure is a bit too expensive (and doesn’t offer enough benefits for the cost).  Switching to a more accessible cloud-based service can better service an SMB’s ala carte and pay-as-you-go needs.


Another major benefit that small and medium-sized businesses find in cloud-based services is scalability. Scalability, of course, is the term used to describe the ease by something can grow (or shrink) as needs and activity require. In terms of business IT, then, SMBs find that cloud-based services are a little more flexible and easier to manage than larger enterprise systems.


Typically, cloud-based services are ready to go out of the gate. Generally that is because the service already exists and you have to find your way through it.  It takes a lot of time (and money) to plan, customize, buy, build, and implement a large enterprise system.  Small and medium-sized businesses are usually ready to open their proverbial doors relatively quickly, and cloud-based infrastructure tends to better support that.


Obviously, everything is connected these days, and because of that it is becoming more and more important to ensure your network is secure.  While large-scale enterprise systems and smaller cloud-based systems all focus on utmost security, cloud-based services allow for SMBs to pay for only what they need.


Using cloud-based services means that all your continuous maintenance is handled by backend servers. This allows the business to focus on the forward-facing aspects, not the back-office responsibilities.


Finally, cloud-based services offer the freedom to access the infrastructure anywhere that is connected.  Enterprise systems can be more complicated, requiring you to log in to the system, for example; But with a cloud-based service you could log in to check on data or other matters from any computer—in the world—that can log into the system.