7 Programming Language for Web Developers

These days there are so many programming languages being used in the tech world. And learning all these programming languages is not practically possible. As they all have different algorithms and different uses. Different ventures may use different Programming Languages as per the requirement and need of the venture. But if you are a Web Developer, then there are few programming languages you should be aware of.

In today’s digital world where every business requires a web platform, the need for web developers is increasing. And if you will have the skillset of a few programming languages ready with you, then you are not far from the opportunity. Here we are going to share with you a list of Programming Languages which are used in web development. Some of the programming languages given in the list are very old and popular. So, if you are a web developer or you are planning to become one, you should have certification in some of these languages as they are widely used.

Here is the list of the 7 Programming Languages and the details about them:


The HyperText Mark-Up Language which is used for defining the web pages structures. However, HTML is not considered as a Programming Languages. Because it does not exactly serve the purpose of the Programming Languages. But when both the HTML and CSS are used, they are really helpful in front-end web development. Where one side HTML helps the browser in displaying the data, the Cascading Style Sheets helps in giving a proper layout to the web pages which includes the color, design, font style, font size, etc.

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If you are looking for building a versatile web platform, then Java is one of the programming languages you must be aware of. It was bought in use in 90’s only and till date, it is being used by different ventures for a tech-savvy site development for their business. This language works on almost every platform. It is based on Object-Oriented Programming and can be used on different software as well.


JavaScript is also one of the front-end programming languages. And it can work on every browser and is also used for the development of websites, games, and apps. It works on both OOP’s (Object Oriented Programming) and functional programming also. From managing content to editing content, loading images to adding animations, it serves all the purposes for communicating the website info to users. It is widely used for the development of the websites all over the world.


The Hypertext Pre-processor web language is one of the programming languages which is widely been used for the web development especially by the new start-ups. The websites like Facebook and WordPress are also using PHP. It is the programming language which can help both back-end and front-end web developers. Basically, the language is used for developing the web pages which need repeated server actions. It is based on the HTML-embedded scripting language only. It also helps in the development of dynamic web apps and that is why is being chosen by different ventures.


The Structured Query Language is one of the very essential programming languages which a web developer must be aware of. It is helpful for the Query Purpose for seeking resourceful databases. With the help of this language, you can easily obtain the data from the complex and large databases. If you know a few other languages and include this also in the skillset of your languages, then you can easily get a web developer position in any tech company.


Python is being called as a dynamic programming language which serves all purposes. When it comes to learning this language, then it is really easy and is also called a ‘beginner language’. It works on different programming models including functional programming, object-oriented programming, and structured programming also. It is widely used by back-end developers.


Ruby is also one of the programming languages which is more preferred by the start-ups and mobile apps companies. With the functional and object-oriented programming, it helps in the websites and apps programming. Twitter is also using this programming language. Adding this language in the skillset of a beginner will really help a lot. As it is easily writable and understandable as well and becoming favorite programming language for the new ventures.

Author Bio: Ravindra is a Web App Developer having vast experienced in web and mobile app development area. Currently it has a venture with Rapidbooster, Saturn Technominds.