Benefits of Tempered Glass Computer Case

They are like a new breed of PC CPU units. They look attractive and are durable at the same time. Tempered glass computer cases are normal PC cases where one or more than one of the sides are replaced with tempered glass. This is what makes them see-through and they look like some extra terrestrial gadget.

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This is the first thing that most of the people think about when they are making a choice about whether to buy or not to buy a tempered glass case. They think about the durability of the material and ponder upon the whole idea of this product. So it is vital that the glass or material used for construction of the casing be tough, and very hard to break. A good quality of tempered glass will improve the life of the CPU and save it from any cosmetic damages.


Generally, tempered glasses have minimum affect on the performance of the computer. This is because it is just a hardware component that has not directly linked to the IPO process of the computer. However, considerations must be taken before choosing a tempered glass case as it may lead to overheating and malfunction of the cooling fan.

  • COST

Tempered glasses come at various prices but these cases are pricier than usual plastic cases. It is advisable to buy a good quality tempered glass. Thus caution must take against the purchase of really cheap ‘tempered’ glass case. You should make sure that the glass or the material used is sufficiently tough and will not break all over your floor.


Glass is a lot heavier than plastic. Thus a CPU that is build with a tempered glass case will have significant weight, heavier than PC made up of plastic. Though the weight of the PC is not an issue as desktop computer users as they are not mobile in nature.


This may be considered a negative feature of the tempered glass cases. These cases tend to get effected by knocks and scratches. Hence the durability of the glass comes to question here. If the glass is tough and can handle small to medium impacts then they can be used without any hesitation.

Most of the tempered glass in the market tends to be tougher than standard plastic cases, and chances are that they are less likely to actually scratch if you were to knock them.'