Does Stargate 3ds supports .cia/eshop 3ds games or only .3ds retail game roms?

Will Stargate 3ds play .cia games or eshop 3ds games? Or is it only supporting 3ds retail game roms like the Sky3ds plus? And are we worthy to buy the Stargate 3ds with price around 80$? Here let me give you the reply.

Will Stargate 3ds play .cia games or eshop 3ds games on 3DS?

Checking the introduction from, we know the Stargate 3ds can play DS, 3DS, GBA, SNES, NES, other games on any 3ds model and any 3ds firmware. But it does not mention its compatibility to .cia games or eshop 3ds games. So it is unlikely that the Stargate 3ds will support .cia and eshop 3ds roms. But, don’t worry, this flash card is also working with the NTRboothax, which can install CFW to your console, then you can play eshop 3ds games in .cia format. So it is not a headache for Stargate 3ds too.

The new revolution is coming: Stargate 3DS!

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Is Stargate 3ds region free to play 3ds retial game roms on 3DS?

It maybe a disadvantage for Stargate 3ds card, from the above description, we can infer that Stargate 3ds will be region free to play DS games on Nintendo 3ds family console. But for 3DS Mode, the region locking may be can’t passed. And if this new 3ds flashcart is really liking the Sky3ds+ for 3ds game play, we suppose it can’t support region free too.

So when you buy and get a Stargate 3ds kortti in future, don’t download and put the other region 3ds roms to it directly, the card itself can’t read it. Maybe you can use the homebrew exploit to work with Stargate 3ds to play cross-region 3ds games. Currently, the hot homebrew exploits to use are Ninjhax 2.9 and Freakyhax.

Are we worthy to buy the Stargate 3ds with price around $80 for hacking 3DS?

Yes, because Stargate 3ds is the final soluton for us to play nearly All games on the 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS/NEW 2DS consoles and you even are no need to worry about ban from Nintendo. It is always working on the latest 3ds firmware version and supporting DS/3DS/GBA/SNES/NES/other games with one card price. You should know, without a Stargate 3ds, if you want to play multiple 3DS/DS games, you have to pay a large amount of money, the 80$ only lets you have 10 ds game cartridge  or 5 3ds game carts at most. Even you say buy an R4 3DS card you can install CFW to your console, then you can play ds/3ds games as well. I should tell you that, firstly, you can’t play .3ds or .ds games via the CFW, then for most of 3DS console users, the CFW instruction is not easy to follow at all. They may don’t know what is a 3ds cfw and why it can hack a 3ds fully. The current user guide maybe easier than in the old days, but it is still not a good choice for 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS/2DS XL device newbie or little kid.

In one word, in 2017 and 2018, buying the Stargate 3ds is our best choice to play free DS/3DS games! You can get one from its official reseller in USA or in UK.'