Do’s and Don’ts of Used Car Buying

Owning a car is the dream of almost every individual. Though not everyone can afford a new car, they always have the affordable option for buying a used car. It’s easy to buy a used car even if you have a very low budget of below 1 lakh. You can find used certified cars in Mumbai below 1 lakh, provided you do a thorough research of the major certified car dealers. If you are new to car buying, you need to be aware of what can be done and what should not be done. Here’s a quick look into the do’s and don’ts of used car buying.

Do’s of Used Car Buying

Remember to follow these pointers while buying a used car.

  • Do your research well ahead of time. This can help you earn the best deal. Spend some time to research the options, trim levels and features available on the cars you have shortlisted.
  • Do know what kind of used car you are looking for. With innumerable choices to select from, how do you choose the right one? Begin by choosing the kind of car that best matches your lifestyle requirements (compact car, sedan, coupe, minivan, sedan etc.).
  • Do know your budget. Plan your budget well ahead so that you can narrow down the used cars within your set limit. This can save a lot of your time. You can ignore the cars that cross your budget rather than spending time on investigating its features.

Don’ts of Used Car Buying

There are few things that you shouldn’t be doing while buying a used car. Here’s a listing of what you shouldn’t do.

  • Don’t buy the first car you come across without even looking at the other cars on the dealer lot or the cars you have shortlisted. Look at minimum 10 cars before finalizing the best out of them.  
  • Don’t reveal to the dealer that you have a trade-in. First negotiate the car’s price and then later reveal about the trade-in. If not, the dealer gets another game to play around with and make it more daunting for you.
  • Don’t pay for add-ons such as protective coating and credit life insurance as they are not worth the cost. Also, don’t pay made-up charges such as conveyance charges.

It’s crucial to keep these simple do’s and don’ts in mind when you buy a used car.'