Facts about cyber attacks and data security 2018

Each year we make new revolutions and promises to ourselves which mostly include being better than the person we were a year earlier. Similarly, the online world also sets its objective of producing even better tools of hacking and making your life a living hell.

But that’s something which has already become a part of our lifestyle and we’ve settled with whatever we have.

With the help of our findings and research work, we were able to generate some points that would a good collection to know in order to stay safe at all times.

Spam is trash:

The system known as Symantec claims that spam is increasing at a greater pace and almost half of all the emails are sent directly to spam. The tech-lord IBM explains that these spams have quadrupled in numbers since 2008 and all contain malicious viruses and attachments. Hence proved, spam is still the most effective tool of data loss resulting from ransomware and malware.

2017 was a year that explained that spam is no longer a tool of lone hackers working in their laboratories in the basements. This industry is highly profitable, sophisticated, and is growing rapidly. Hence, you must at all times keep your system protected from all directions and be very careful in opening e-mails that you do not trust.

The dual factor:

There are a number of ways through which, the hackers are able to cut through your stuff. For example, phishing, brute force attacks, manual guessing, key loggers etc. although we do have softwares and tools for data security to prevent such attacks from happening yet we find ourselves helpless in guaranteeing the safety of our data.

The risk… how can we control it? What you can do is utilize the basic protection that involves anti-virus, firewall, etc. and also get equipped with a data encryption tool. This makes your data protected with dual layers where the final layer is impossible to break.

Backup is a must:

Regardless of you putting in all efforts to stop anyone from hacking your data, it would still be a viable idea to create a secure backup of your stuff. This option lets you maintain a complete peace of mind as even if you lose your device by your own mistake, you would be able to recover it easily. The best thing about using a cloud software is that you can access your stuff from any part of the world using your login credentials. But again the same convenience also attracts unwanted attention.

Data gives power to the bearer:

Know that data does not have any ownership signal and whoever possesses it, is deemed to be the owner. If you lose your mobile, the finder can transfer that data and can own its ownership. Hence, the point is data gives immense power to the one who has possession over it. For this reason, you need to make sure nobody is able to insert a drive into your system in your absence as anyone can take away your life’s work in seconds. The same people can take your data and later blackmail you or ask you to pay some amount in the form of ransom or else they would make you suffer.


The preceding year was a bit tough and opened a lot of doors for the prying eyes. The upcoming years aren’t going to be any easier, know that. Make some arrangements to tackle the prying eyes, hackers, etc. by using a dual security option (mentioned above). Not doing anything can lead you to conditions you cannot even imagine.