Features that an Online Job Portal Should Have

Globalization has opened windows for many people for success for people having will to achieve their dreams.  Online job portals give them the chance to chase their dream. The job portals give them best options on their experience, qualifications and skills and the complexity of searching job gets reduced. So, the utilities and features are very important for a job portal website.

Features a Job Portal should Include

The service to remain active 24/7, because of people of different time zones finds a different time to go through the website. A job seeker will seek a job through a step-by-step method of search and apply on them. So, your website should be eye pleasing, and step-by-step guidance is needed for applying. Job Portal WordPress Themes can help you out in making a good website without spending too much on it.

  • Innovative Font Layout: Web layout should be striking and unique. This is important because landing pages make users connected to the pages. Your web layout should be very information. Tedious and cluttered pages discourage people from visiting.
  • Member Features: If you are a web developer, you can try to make great features. If you aren’t a developer and want to save some, you can go to Bootstrap Dashboard Templates, and develop your website with needed tools. It will contain an interface that includes general visitors, registered users, website admins, and moderators.
  • Job Seekers Features: User registration, advance job search functionalities, user control panel to manage information, RSS feeds, job subscription alerts, location-based job search, etc. these are the utilities you should think about when developing a job portal website.
  • Video Resume: The new type of resume comes with a video. If your website has the facility of video resume that is good. Lots of recruiter’s search for people who have good and pleasant personality, they determine if that person is going to be efficient enough through the videos. A website with video resume won’t be a bad idea.
  • Social Connection: Your website if provides the facility for job seekers and others to mention their LinkedIn or Facebook account, that would be a great idea too. LinkedIn is the biggest professional network. People like recruiters and job seekers has accounts on LinkedIn and other social networks for showing what their experience is in a particular field. You are to give them a chance to meet, and the recruiters would have already paid your website to view the potential candidate for their vacancy.