G700 Tactical Flashlight: A Different Kind of Flashlight

A new hand-held electric light hit the markets at the beginning of 2016 and is a pure wonder. This flashlight has been used in the US army and it is a military-grade tool. It has a concept and design that has been only used for the purposes of the military and NASA. People are going crazy over the G700 Tactical Led Flashlight and the amazing features that it offers and I must admit the demand is increasing on a daily basis.

If you are searching for a brand new electric lighting tool that is with a high performance features then you have come to the right place. This one has features that are really incredible if you compare it to the other regular LED flashlights. The features include new concept of technology, a new shape of light, long hours of lamp life, a new waterproof body, a whole new design and many more amazing features.

Brand New Concept

The concept that has been used to make this Tactical Flashlight amazing is unseen. It gives it a surprising 700 lumens of power which is why is called the G700 flashlight. This feature makes it 7 times more powerful than the other flashlights on the market. It uses a new revolutionary technology where the old LED diodes are being replaced with new LED chips and this technology uses 4 watts of ultra-powerful lighting that can last for 72 hours without ever being turned off. It is the first thing in particular that makes it to be special and much powerful than the others in the whole world.

The Light and its Shape

Another thing that makes the flashlight interesting is that you can now switch the shapes of the light. You can easily go from square to round shape and the other way round from round to square box. This can come really handy in a particular situation of lighting needs as well as in a regular situation like when you get bored from using only the one shape.2

The Lamp’s Long-Lasting Life

This is another beauty of the portable light. It simply makes it a great source of light. It has an incredible 1200 hours of lamp life and it makes the G700 one of the most durable glasses in the world and is due to the fact that it has a high end telescopic lamp glass. This feature is actually helpful in a situation like power losses which are very frequent in America and the power can be gone for hours, so you will be in need of light, you can’t stay for hours with a candle and most certainly not in dark. So once the power is off, just take the G700 and you will be safe with a light until the power comes.

The Waterproof Body

The waterproof body makes it useful in the rain and underwater.  I assume this feature is a must since it is made for the services of the US army. They need the light in a middle of a combat in the rain or in some actions underwater. And there’s a benefit for you too. If you are a scuba diver you can use it to explore the underwater world, it can go up to 100 feet underwater. You can go for a different kind of adventure and be lost in the beauty that the underwater offers for hours.

The Unique Design

The special crafted design makes it indestructible and strongly resistant to crashes. It is so strongly made that you can even run over it with your car and it will still work. How amazing is having a flashlight that won’t let you down? The design makes it perfect for combat and it is quite understandable since it was used for the military services. It is made from material used for aircraft – aircraft aluminum. This material has only been used in the US army and NASA. It also has sharp tips that are specially made for situations like self-defense when you need to neutralize an enemy.  

The Several Focus Modes

According to my research, this is the exact feature that makes it the most powerful flashlight in the world. I haven’t heard or read about a flashlight that has 5 different focus modes. There is one that allows you to make an SOS signals. This one is a must and really useful in emergency situations. There is another for continuous light, and a third one is for a strobe light. The fourth focus mode is for medium power and the last one is for producing a full power and both of these focus modes have the ability to save the power of the battery.

The Benefits of the Rechargeable Battery

With this feature you won’t have to change batteries ever again. You will always have your flashlight ready to use it in your actions. You don’t have to deal anymore with losing nerves when the batteries stop and the boring battery changing in the middle of your work. When you have the flashlight there are two options of powering it. The first one is to plug it on the charger via a USD flash drive and then wait for less than an hour for the batteries to be fully charged. Thus charged you can use it for your next action. The other way is to charge the batteries with the car adapter. The adapter comes with the package and lets you charge the portable electric light while you are in your car maybe on your way to work or even on your way to your next great trip.

Thank you for your time and for reading the article, I hope I gave you useful information. If you are interested in the G700 feel free to go to theg700flashlight.com which is the place to read everything you like to know about the flashlight like origin, features, benefits, customer reviews and the pricing. It is now available for a 75% off the discount price.