Gaming Monitor  to Buy for an Awesome Gaming Experience!

Gamer always looks for the best gaming monitor which is incorporated with updated features which helps the player to play more advanced graphics games smoothly and without any disturbances, In this article, we will depict some best gaming monitor for 2018 in full details so that you can pick the one which you want and enjoy playing games.

Dell S2418HN

Dell is the most popular brand name in Information Technology periphery. Undoubtedly the gaming monitor Dell S2418HN, hold the number position in the list. This gaming monitor is equipped with all the updated features and it’s pocket-friendly as well.

This monitor is framed beautifully and bordered by the Infinity edge that is placed on the sleek metallic platform.

Dell S2418HN supports 1080p resolutions which can be fitted into a 24-inch gaming monitor.


Compatibility with HDR

Vibrant colors

Can be used for a prolonged duration


  1. Connectivity is poor
  2. Less appealing

Dell Alienware AW2518H

Alienware brand is the inceptor of the Dell monitor which is well known for its high –quality gaming monitors.

AW2518H, gaming monitor is based on the design of Alienware, silver layout and attention seeking geometry. You will be amazed with its sleek edges and build in features of this wonderful gaming monitor.


  1. Response time- 1 ms
  2. Sleek edges makes this gaming monitor apt for different configurations


  1. Resolution and the size of the screen is not worth the cost
  2. Design is not attractive

HP VH240a

After dell, we have HP gaming monitor which hold the second position in the list of the best gaming monitor. VH240a is a simple looking monitor which is very much reliable.

It has sleek edges through which it can be used for numerous monitor configurations


  1. Can be adjusted easily
  2. Incorporated speakers
  3. Compatible with VESA display
  4. Worth the cost


  1. Connectivity is limited
  2. Quality of the color is not satisfactorily.

Acer XF250Q

This gaming monitor features and cost are similar to the Alienware gaming monitors. But still, there are numerous features in  XF250Q gaming monitor which is worth noticing.


  1. Free Synchronization-AMD
  2. Response time- 1ms
  3. Vision Care- ACER
  4. Can be adjusted
  5. Mounted by VESA


  1. Does not supports 2k resolution
  2. Speakers are disappointing

Acer XG270HU

XG270HU, this gaming monitor comes with free synchronization from the popular brand Acer.

It is made up with very smooth edges because of which this gaming monitor can be easily used for setting up numerous monitors. It is very light in weight. The look of this gaming monitor is superb, the z black color with highlights of red color on the corner of the platform and also the single line on the bottom of the screen makes it look cool .


  1. Response time- 1ms
  2. Support- 2k
  3. Beautifully designed


  1. The dynamism is not the worth of its cost.


Another well-known name in the IT fraternity is Asus. VX24AH is a good gaming monitor manufactured by this dynamic IT Company.

The only feature which keeps it in this count is that this gaming monitor is 2k gaming monitor. Its circular platform and sleek borders are eye catchers.


  1. Compatible with 2k resolution
  2. Connectivity alternatives are awesome
  3. Worth the price
  4. Eyes are strained less


  1. Tilt is the only adjustment options available
  2. Speakers are not up to the mark


AOC is a Taiwanese enterprise which is not as popular as the other brands, but its gaming monitors are very reliable.

The gaming monitor, AOC Q2778VQE possesses some more qualities in the budgeted price. Its screen size is 27 inch which is quite large, and it also supports the 2k resolution. But from its looks, you would never guess that it possess such good and updated features.


  1. 27-inch large screen
  2. Compatible with 2k resolution
  3. Dynamic connectivity


  1. Unpleasing looks
  2. Edges are very thick


G2460PF is a wonderful gaming monitor by the brand AOC. Its design is remarkable. The exterior part is grey with red colored highlight which is running on the bottom side of the monitor screen. This elegant design and color make its perfect, and at the first signs of it, you will desire to grab this gaming monitor.


  1. Response time- 1ms
  2. Free Synchronization- AMD
  3. Fully adjustable
  4. Numerous connectivity alternatives are available


  1. The incorporated resolution of 1080 p will be obsolete in upcoming time.

Nixeus NX-EDG27S

Nixeus is an American enterprise which is a manufacturer of hardware. Most gamers are not aware of the companies which are the producer of hardware and this fact is quite reasonable as well. But Nixeus satisfies its customers from the time of its inception in the year 2009.

The gaming monitor NX-EDG27S is an attractive monitor. Its body is made of plastics which are black, and its stand is made up of glossy material which makes it an impressive gaming monitor.


  1. Supports:- 2k
  2. Numerous connectivity alternatives are available
  3. Very adjustable
  4. Mounted – VESA


  1. Some users complain that its response time is very high

We hope that this detailed article on the best gaming monitor for 2018 is beneficial for all the gamers who wish to buy a new gaming monitor in the year 2018. So just read this article and choose the best gaming monitor which suits you best.'