Going Through Tech Blogs are Your Best Time-Pass – Names of the Best Tech Bloggers

With the kind of technology-obsessed world we’re living in, it is tough to remember the world sans blogs. Originally, a blog was a type of online journal which was filled with monotonous personal updates but now weblogs were morphed to one of the most effective forms of communication. While they were neglected by the mainstream, nowadays they are accepted by all. Regardless of whether you’re seeking the breaking news in the field of tech, searching for an insider’s perspective or looking forward to reading something humorous, there are numerous blogs on any subject.

It isn’t anything to be surprised about that the world of tech joined hands with the blogosphere way before the authors of the newspapers started blogging alongside writing news stories. Due to this phenomenon, there are several great blogs which are current and informative. Here are the names of the few best tech blogs and bloggers.

  • Mashable

Mashable is a blog which is constantly updated and always has something entertaining to offer you. This blog takes the worlds’ of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, news and entertainment and mashes them into their blog. If you’re tech-obsessed, you won’t get enough of it.

  • CloudWedge

CloudWedge is yet another popular blog which resolves to keep you updated on the latest tech reviews, tech updates and everything that is going on in the present industry. Tech blogger Erick Wingfield is the main contributor for this blog. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional who has specialized in hybrid cloud infrastructures. Being one of the senior writers for this blog, he offers experienced insights for the professionals who are looking for an insider’s opinion on the latest IT news.

  • Gizmodo

This blog is known as the TMZ of tech after they made the payment for a next-gen Apple iPhone which was lost and later included in the front-page of the news all over the world. Apart from the scandals, Gizmodo has been a site which you should follow as they have innumerable relevant posts, a nice and young vibe and some of the funniest writers and commentators on the web.

  • ZDNet

In terms of online presence, 10 years is considered a lifetime and 20 years is deemed as eternity. The time span through which ZDNet has been in the online space makes it a go-to tech site among the other contemporary tech blogs. It was found in 1991 and later acquired by CNET in 2000. They include reports on several aspects of tech news. They are the ones who primarily focus on all the interesting aspects of Google, Microsoft and Apple.

So, if you’re someone who is obsessed with tech blogs, you can go through the above-mentioned blogs and bloggers You are sure to receive a premium blogging experience from any of the above sites.