How Smart Laundry Is Revolutionizing The Hospitality Industry

Travel is dominating the globe more than ever before, taking the tourism industry to new heights. As a result, hotels, lodges, and bed-and-breakfasts (B&B)  are competing for the additional demand, whereas business owners are taking aggressive risks to stay on top of their game.


Fortunately, technology has improved dramatically in the last decades, giving hoteliers and local business owners greater freedom and better resources. Through technology, they can be more efficient, especially when it comes to their time and operating costs.

One of the main drivers of this revolution is the Internet of Things (IoT). According to Business Insider,the IoT refers to the devices (other than computers and smartphones) that can connect to the Internet. These include household appliances, furniture, accessories, and many others. With the IoT, everything is connected to the internet, including washing machines and other laundry equipment.


Today, these technological advancements have created what experts call smart laundry–or laundry equipment that can be operated using a smartphone or computer. Hoteliers have taken advantage of this to great effect. Now, they are able to reduce their staff and operate their laundry using remote devices.


Smart laundry machines, offered by companies like Continental Girbau, enable business owners to operate more efficiently because of its wireless capability and its highly customizable programs. Moreover, these customizable programs help hoteliers control and manage the quality of their important laundry items such as bed sheets, towels, curtains, and table napkins. These items are critical to the business because of its intimate nature that directly contributes to the experience of the customers. With these features, hoteliers can focus their efforts in operations that are more critical to the business in terms of revenue generation.

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Moreover, commercial washing machines from have smart laundry features that promote energy and water usage efficiency. Now, washing machines are equipped with smart meters that intelligently adjust temperature and water levels that are appropriate to the load being processed. This feature contributes to the business’ bottom line through significant operational savings. These machines are surprisingly simple to operate, and they provide multiple points of adjustment for better precision and performance. More than ever, laundry is becoming easier and easier to manage.


Smart laundry machines can compensate for staff labor, thus allowing hoteliers to divert their efforts towards other, more salient matters. Staff previously preoccupied with laundry can now focus on higher-level tasks that add greater value to the hotel operation.


The Internet of Things is not expected to end anytime soon but, instead, is expected to grow larger in the coming years. With a lot of exciting innovations coming in the future, the hospitality industry is slated to grow even further. The only way for hospitality businesses is up.

Smart laundry has revolutionized the hospitality by replacing redundant staff work with advanced technology. This frees up hoteliers and business owners to focus on other parts of the business that generate greater revenue. Through smart laundry, hotels are not only more profitable but more efficient as well.


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