How to Access Your Outlook 365 Login?

If you are subscribed to Office 365, Outlook on the web will be included. It can also be obtained by purchasing on-premises Exchange Server. This facility allows users to connect to their email account through their web browser. In this process, you will not want to install Microsoft Outlook or another email client.

If you go for Exchange Server, it will be hosted on the local server. If there is network connection to the Exchange Server, users will be able to access email, address book, calendars and task. The Exchange Online Server can be purchased independently or along-with Office 365. It will be hosted on Microsoft servers and can be accessed through the site,

Outlook Web App

The Outlook Web App (OWA) can be used to access Office 365 mailbox. The access is granted through the web browser. Any computer with internet connection can be used in this context. By using OWA, you can perform the following tasks in a very efficient way:

  • Read emails
  • Send emails
  • Organize contacts
  • Create tasks
  • Manage calendar

You can use OWA to manage global settings of Office 365. If your computer is present on the domain, you should get access to the link provided by the system administrator. The authentication should be provided by entering username and password to get access to OWA. If you would like to exit OWA, the exit from web browser is required. All open tabs should be closed and you should properly sign out from Office 365.

Access to calendar and contact manager

As you get access to Outlook 365 login, you will get access to calendar tool, contact manager and task manager. The earlier is upgraded to Outlook on the web and Office 365 infrastructure. With the single sign-in to the Office 365 homepage, you will get access to all tools and services presented by Microsoft.

There is great integration of all kinds of services so that users will have great satisfaction. Ifan administrator generates a user account, you will get temporary password. Upon first sign-in, users are required to reset the password.

Easy access to Outlook 365

To access Outlook from Office 365 main hub, you should click on ‘Outlook’ on the top banner. You can access email, share documents and do much more after sign-in to your Office 365 account. After performing necessary tasks with the outlook, you should want to logout so that other will not be able to access your email.

More than one user can use the same computer, and each user will have privacy concerning emails. As soon as the username and password are changed, the desktop profile of the new user will be displayed. It is possible to toggle between two users in an effortless manner.

There are powerful applications through which you will be able to integrate email access from various service providers. Attachments can be accessed, edited and modified versions can be attached very easily. The revamped Outlook delivers great experience for users through Office 365.'