How To Choose The Right Theme For Your Online Store

Most beginners become overwhelmed when they reach the stage of selecting a theme for their website or web store. There are thousands of both free and paid templates online, and we have a different content management system (CMS) and e-commerce platforms for different web stores like Moodle templates, Shopify etc… in this article we are going to tell you how best to choose a perfect template or theme for your website.

Steps to Choose a Perfect Theme/Template

Do Not Focus Only on The Design

One of the first things we usually do when we want to create an online store is to look for a beautiful and impressive theme. But the most important criterion when selecting a theme should be its functionality and ease of use. The design is an important aspect, yes, but it is even more so to create a functional online store with all the necessary features so that your customers can navigate easily without having to wait for the pages to load.

Therefore, you should pay more attention to the functionalities that the BigCommerce templates offers and give less importance to aesthetics. You will always be in time to customize your template and adapt it to your tastes.

Check that it is Responsive

We are in the mobile age, so if your website does not adapt to these devices, you can already say goodbye to a lot of potential customers. Google has stated that all non-mobile-friendly websites will be penalized in their ranking of search results. And not only for mobile searches, but also for desktop searches. To check if a theme is responsive, simply open the demo of the theme and expand and reduce the browser window to see how it reacts to different screen sizes. Another way to do this is by inserting the URL of the demo in Once this is done, you can have a preview of your theme on the different devices.

Take Into Account the Loading Speed

The speed at which your online store is loaded is very important. Some studies of Kissmetrics say that if your site takes more than seven seconds to load, you will be losing about 25% of the total number of visitors to your website. These users will leave the page even before it has been fully loaded.'