How to Prevent Your Security Camera from Getting Hacked?

The security camera industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. The technology got sophisticated, but easy to use and people felt the need to install one in their homes and offices to keep a watch on their property, maids, kids or pets.

With more and more connected gadgets at home, the chances of getting hacked have also increased. The question that arises now is – how to keep these security cameras safe from the hackers.

None of the systems are impervious to an attack by a hacker, but the following precautions will definitely decrease the possibility.


  • Don’t Continue with Default Details: The cameras come with default user id and password. Hikvision hack 2017 indicates that people often continue with the same settings, which are easy to crack for even the most novice hacker. He or she will take no time to crack it and take control of the camera or view your feeds. So, don’t forget to change the default login details at the earliest.


  • Use a Strong Password: Use a strong password that is a combination of letters, alphabets and special characters and change it regularly. Also, make sure to set the password right at the time of initial setup. Sometimes we think of doing it later and then it slips out of our mind leaving it vulnerable.
  • Update the Firmware Regularly: The security camera manufacturers issue a firmware update fixing the vulnerability whenever they find one. Thus, you should keep checking the manufacturer’s website for any released update and keep your firmware up to date.
  • Keep It Local: If you value your privacy, don’t connect it to the internet in the first place. Keep it on a local network. You can check with the company on how to set it up for the local-only mode. Often it requires assigning an internal IP address that is non-routable.
  • Use WPA2 Encryption: All wireless cameras are susceptible to wireless eavesdroppers. To protect it from them, join a WPA2-encrypted wireless network. Once your feeds are encrypted, they cannot connect or access them.
  • Don’t Place the Camera in Private Settings: Even after taking all precautions, the cameras can sometimes get hacked. Hence, never place them in spots where you will feel embarrassed if the feed is leaked. Such spaces give the hackers more reasons to hack the camera, especially for the private footages.

The purpose of having a security camera is to help you keep a watch. Don’t let hackers watch you by not paying attention to its security.'