How to Save Money When Buying a HDTV

It is true to say that everyone loves a good deal, regardless of whether you are buying groceries or a new electronic device. . In case you’re in the market for another top quality TV (HDTV) there are a couple of rules of thumb to guidelines to remember if you get the best value for your money on your new purchase.

Do Not Buy Until the Item Is On Sale

This one is somewhat of obvious and always true. Black Friday is probably the most well-known sale period. Whether in-store or online, you can typically make immense savings on electronics, especially HDTVs including Sony models. You can save hundreds off the regular sales price. Post-Christmas is also an awesome time to shop for a new TV. These sales deals are nearly as impressive as Black Friday. The other big and awesome sales deals come throughout the year, usually around holidays. For TVs, it’s a smart thought to watch out for sale flyers around sporting events that tend to draw big TV audiences.

Avoid Buying Extended Warranty

At the point when an extended warranty is offered to you at the cash register, opt out if you do not want it. Additionally, completely avoid it when it excessively expensive as compared to the value of the HDTV. Certainly, there are times it makes sense to purchase an extended service plan.  Nonetheless, you have to consider the length of the warranty because it runs simultaneously with your manufacturer’s warranty. For instance, a two-year service plan is only just a single year when you consider most manufacturer warranties.

Purchase Last Year’s Model

This can prompt significant savings in light of the fact that more seasoned models are typically discounted to make room for the new ones. Manufacturers do not make drastic changes to design of a TV from year to year. Instead they sort of evolve into better and expensive models. Any significant differences will usually be corrective, like menu system graphics, TV stand among others. In the event that a manufacturer completes a major overhaul of their video processors, then you would likely know it when comparing the current to last year’s model. You can check with online sites such as Micromax to know the latest and last year’s models.

Buy a Refurbished, Open Box or Returned HDTV 

Choosing to take this option will prompt to immediate savings over unopened items. However, there are some things to consider when purchasing these types of televisions. Obviously, you have to proceed with caution when considering buying second hand merchandise because you do not know how they were previously used. In simple terms, know about the store’s return policy and warranty terms for the TV or read about the pros and cons of refurbished items in greater detail.




There are various ways of ensuring that you save money when buying a HDTV. Above are some of the main ways of saving your money. You do not have to incur unnecessary amounts that can as well be used for other more important things. Come one! Save your Money!'