Judge Tech Debt Wisely And Then Pay It Off

At times you may wonder what types of debts you should consider as tech debt and consider for their speedy repayment. Every messy code is not to be considered as tech debt. These debts may be the result of the ignorance of good designing practices that should be followed while code designing and such messy codes should not be considered as tech debt. You must consider only those codes for the cause of tech debts which you have knowingly adopted a design which would not be sustainable in the long run. These are the codes which may affect your code’s functionality in the long run.

Paying Off Is Compulsory

The existence of tech debts should not be taken lightly and ignored and needs to be addressed and refactored as soon as they are detected. There may be many reasons for you to adopt and accept a faulty code and ship it with the faults in it. You may have done it to gain the immediate benefit of an early release. You may also have to succumb to the constant pressure from the stakeholders to maintain the time deadline. The point that needs to be considered is to believe that debt would soon yield its value and also needs to be paid off at the earliest.

The Real Question

Therefore, the question of whether a design is flawed or not is not as important as tech debt is a mere metaphor. The real question is whether or not the debt is helpful to think about the ways to deal with the problems with its design, communicate it to others and find strategic plans to work on it. This, in a way, is the specific benefit of tech debt existence in a project as it serves as a very handy tool for effective communication among your teams for development, technical and non-technical teams as well as the stakeholders. More communication means more innovative ideas.

Works Well In Both Cases

When you have tech debt to the manageable limit it works well in both cases only the difference is like the debt and its type. Tech debt due to messy code is a reckless debt which results in interest payments which may further cripple your business in the long run. When you discuss such messy codes, and about the ways for its development with the management people it becomes very useful for the business. It reminds about all available choices and also about the prudent debt identification whose tech debt may be significantly small.

Relate With Finance

You may be ignorant about tech debt as you cannot see the amount of interest that you have to pay back. In the case of financial debt, everything is regarding money, and you know how much you have to pay at the end of each month or even after the entire loan tenure. This helps you to make strategic plans and arrangements for billconsolidation loan and pay off your debts. Similarly, if you think tech debt, you will feel the urge for its early repayment and save your company.