League Of Legends the Crown Jewel of the PC Gaming World

In the eSports world of professional gamers and even among the larger crowd of casual gamers, LoL or league of legends represents the cream of the crop. It is officially the most popular MOBA game on the PC platform. Nearly 30 million players play this game everyday worldwide. So, let’s find out what is the reason behind this wild popularity.

Extremely competitive

The game begins when you enter the drafting lobby. A team of champions is selected and then the games begin. The team with stronger champions wins. There are over 100 champions to choose from which makes the game all the more interesting. There are just too many different combinations to choose from. Much brainstorming needs to be done in order to come up with an effective strategy. The ranking system in LoL is 6 tiered, and your promotion will depend on win and loss ratios. If you would rather avoid the rat race of ranking and the intense competition then you can just choose the normal mode and play at your leisure.Image result for League Of Legends the Crown Jewel of the PC Gaming World

Team play is the key to success

LoL is a team game and 5 vs. 5 version is the most popular. However, if you are shorthanded, then you can even play 3 vs. 3 formats. In the beginning, you could choose to play with strangers. But eventually when you get familiar with the game, you will have to consider joining a regular team or building a team of your own. Having a regular team will help you get ahead in the game easily. Team play is important here so you could develop your strategies more effectively. So, if a team is essential, wouldn’t it be better to start a team with your friends with whom you can communicate well.

An ever evolving game

LoL is a free to play game which means there is a very low bar for entry. But though its free, its developers take much pride in the game and update it very regularly. The changes in visuals that the updates bring are quite stunning. For more info about the game, you can look at https://cybbet.com/games/lol.

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