Offset Digital Printing

Digital offset printing: The vertiginous growth of brands in the last century has caused many, bet on the use of printed material in large format. These results in the development of direct marketing pieces such as advertising flyers, business cards, stickers, photo products and many more…

Offset digital printing: indigo 5600

The business needs of companies, SMEs and startups in almost all sectors of the economy are increasingly specific. They demand high quantities of printed pieces in less time for diffusion campaigns. That’s why the indigo 5600 is one of the best options, since it is a robust machine that allows printing long runs in a short time optimizing resources.

The quality of digital offset printing has a high margin and is at the forefront of the major printing presses worldwide. The brands that most use digital offset to print advertising pieces are those of mass consumption due to the level of growth and global expansion. Their main needs are focused on the promotion of products and services, as well as being the ones that produce the most advertising and activation campaigns during the different seasons of the year. That is why their requirements are multiplied and diversified with the new product exhibition dynamics, requiring high quality printed material under the premise of quantity versus costs in an optimal time to comply with campaign itineraries. Visit us online at

How does digital offset printing work?

The indigo 5600 machine is robust, has great capacity and its operation does not depend on the plates as it happens with offset printing; It is versatile and allows printing 4 types of paper with different grammage in a single print run. It works in two modalities:

  • Multishot: is the process of printing the 4 colors of the CMYK color range separately.
  • One shot: it is the process of printing of only one color composed by the chromatic range cmyk. The indigo 5600 approximates the color composition to the most similar with the Pantone structure.

The printing process of this machine is efficient and capable of printing on substrates or papers approved as sheets of PVC, eggshell and linen. It also prints on normal, enameled papers and rigid materials. Its printing process is flexible being useful for almost all types of advertising and is one of the most used by companies around the world. is great source for the Offset digital printing.

Interesting data about the indigo 5600 machine

  • Print more than 2,000,000 pages in color or 5,000,000 in monochrome ranges per month.
  • Prints 90 pages in color and 272 pages in monochromatic range per minute.
  • Just print pieces with color palette in cmyk and approximate the most accurate composition of the Pantone color structure.
  • Print on substrates or papers from 90 grams to 300 grams.
  • The maximum printing area is 45 cm x 31.7 cm.
  • Print on eco-friendly paper.

The Indigo 5600 allows printing, photo products, advertising flyers, stapled magazines, stickers, posters and much more. Order your products at'