Outsourcing Software Development – A Knowhow

Due to globalisation, all companies worldwide have to increase their competitiveness and best way to do so is outsource. It has been a while since outsourcing has taken a centre stage in many businesses across the globe. It has made things way smoother in terms of costs, services and efficiency. Though it may have ruffled a few feathers in the home country or in-house because a significant number of jobs are lost out to others. But the benefits are more than the hullabaloo over it. We can make use of outsourcing software development by Velvetech LLC.

It can significantly be seen in that outsourcing helps

  • Reduce costs as there is no upfront investment and this is quite huge in terms of figures. Workload is significantly reduced too.
  • If you have outsourced your work, there will be people working on it round the clock and you will get the job done faster than the normal working time limits that are faced in house.
  • The places where the work is outsourced have the expertise and logistically viable for the work to be done more efficiently than in-house.
  • Short term projects need people for a particular amount of time or till the project is done, hence recruiting, training, housing etc., outsourcing will definitely not entail all these.
  • An easy access to a good pool of talented in the expertise you need for your project.
  • Outsourcing has streamlined and provided for a focus on the requirement and delivery hence gives you more a competitive edge over others.
  • Human follow ups require a lot of time and energy but the automated compliance system in place will help you save that.
  • Technological prowess can be achieved by outsourcing.
  • A very good project management system will help mitigate the risks.

Use of outsourcing development

  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Management training
  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Advertising
  • Maintenance and upgradation of the outsourced software.


How to go about when you outsource

  • If you are giving the task out of the country or offshore, check the country’s economic and political status and terms of trade with your country.
  • You would have to evaluate about your vendor as it is important to check out the expertise and the number projects handled in the past as well as payment system has to be worked out.
  • The implications, the confidentiality issues and other in house aspects have to be first considered before embarking on outsourcing.
  • Risk assessment and managing risk has to of prime concern when outsourcing.
  • Being particular when placing the requirements in front of the programmer and making sure that the end user will not face complications.
  • Using agile methods which means, using non traditional ways to while communicating to the outsource agencies and get value for money in return. It is beneficial to use outsourcing software development by Velvetech LLC.

Outsourcing development helps to get us the most innovative solutions with effective costs and give us that extra edge over competitors. It improves the functioning of the company and there will be more time to design a new software while keeping business processes intact.Outsourcing has evolved leaps in bounds and it is used in cloud apps development and migration, business intelligence, CRM systems, enterprise software development etc.