Playlist of best songs that can make you cry: for song lovers

Music has a power of evoking emotions in anyone, infect experts also says that an animal can feel the emotions by listening a music. Music has so much power that it can make you smile, angry, sad and even comforts you. There are lots treatment and therapies where music is needed. No matter where you are or what are you dealing with, music can turn your world upside down. It’s a source of relaxation, refreshment and comfort. Nothing can affect you as much as music can do, maybe it’s because you can feel the words and share your emotions by the music or you can empathize with words and feel that you are not alone whose heart is shattered into million pieces. There are billions of best sad songs that make your heartache by their lyrics. For you here are some listed songs that can make your eyes watered.

Know about the songs that imprint their lyrics on the heart of listeners

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Creep– is one of the best songs sung by Radiohead in 21st September 1992. At first month of release, it was not a chartbuster song but at the end it becomes worldwide hit. According to the listeners , creep is a emotion behind a man who loves a woman and follows her every day for grabbing her attention but he feels that he is not good for her that’s why he never show up face to face with that woman. The feeling of self- pity and internal love grabs its position in the lists of sad songs.

Thief – The one of the best songs by our lady peace rock band is a story about the girl who is suffering from brain cancer. This song was also the best songs that got appreciations and praise from the audience.

Friends of a friend- it is a song by Foo Fighters, it was featured for the in your honor that was released on 2005 year. The song was performed as a solo song by Dave Grohl. , he is a guitarist and lead singer in Foo Fighters band. Also, it was the first song that is written by the Dave in his song writing carrier.

Brick – it’s a song based upon a real story of the singer of this song Ben folds. He said that brick was a song dedicated to his girlfriend of high school. He got inspired by the situation when his girlfriend was pregnant in their school days and they aborted the child. This song was the one of the biggest hit in the carrier of Ben.'