Restore Lost Files in Apple Mac Notebooks

We all know that important files need to be backed up regularly. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that we will come back to date – or someone will ask for advice with this unpleasant problem. In some cases, deleted files can be restored – today we’ll talk about how to do it and you can learn more about advanced Apple Mac data recovery methods at

Deleting a file usually does not overwhelm the data itself – only the disk space is marked as free and can be overwritten at any time by new data. The advice is, therefore, not to panic and not to write anything on the disk. If we follow this advice, the chances of data recovery are relatively high. We need to avoid all records on the disk – it’s not just obvious entries (e.g. when we save a document in the editor or copy a file), write to the disk will happen even if an email arrives in the mailbox and our mail client saves it to the disk or when we close a program that stores the settings – just need to close the system.


Those who have a disk managed by LVM (Logical Volume Management) are now at an advantage. In their case, it is enough to create a so-called disk snapshot – its image at a certain moment. Therefore, the disc may be recorded and the image remains intact.

The assumption is that we still have some space for creating a snapshot in Volume Group (VG). If we’ve filled the VG to the edge or the LVM is not being used at all, we’ll put the disk in read-only mode.

Assume that user data is on your own partition. Otherwise, you will have to redirect the entire root so you cannot install recovery programs, for example. That’s why it’s good to have them installed before the crash. Another option is to boot the system from a live CD or connect a disk to another working computer.

Now you can start data recovery – either from a disk image or from a read-only (or disconnected) partition.

If there is a problem with the data, not only a user reaches one of the fixes – such as Microsoft ScanDisk or Norton Doctor. Paradoxically, such a program can also cause data loss that results from disk data handling, despite the relatively high success rate of HD data recovery. In emergency cases, look for professionals at'