Setting up Advertising Revenue Model on E-Commerce Sites

When it comes to your online business, your website is everything for you and you want to be careful when setting advertisements on your site at all times. The online reputation management company has learnt how difficult it truly is to advertise on your own site and manage this efficiently. If you want to drive a lot of traffic to your website, you need to have someone constantly updating it and adding content regularly since this is something that a lot of businesses look at. When you are setting up the advertising revenue model, selling ads involves finding someone who will pay you a small fee in return for you advertising their products or services. An example is if your website is about living a healthy lifestyle in a particular city you know the owner of a yoga studio that is looking for more customers and you feel that the demographics of your website visitors might be suitable for that company. The yoga studio owner can basically pay you to advertise their studio on your website to your visitors which makes you some money.Image result for Setting up Advertising Revenue Model on E-Commerce Sites

Steps to Follow

There are several steps to follow when placing advertisements on your website. You start of by first identifying your prospect, which would be the yoga studio owner, second you convince the prospect to advertise with you, third you negotiate your terms, draft and sign a contract, you then get paid and record the transaction in your book, create a nice looking ad if she does not have one, you then traffic the ad by displaying it on your site for the time period you agreed upon and finally full performance statistics, discuss the results and try for a repeat business if they agree to it. When you are putting the ad on your site, you need to upload the image, copy the URL of the image, install an image widget if you are using a site like WordPress, the image URL, then enter the target URL and then you will have your ad showing up.'