Static Code Analysis: What is it? And Why Do We Need it?

 Isn’t it nice to be safe in the knowledge that your code is high quality, and perfectly secure? Aside from giving you that nice warm glow inside, it is increasingly turning into a necessity. In a world where companies are making these assurances compulsory for new technologies, static code analysis is becoming big business.

What is it?

Static code analysis is a method of identifying and removing glitches from computer programs, and making sure that the codes conform to necessary standards. It identifies patterns that may be weakening the security of your code and alerts you to potential problems. Since all of this happens without needing to actually execute the system, it allows issues to be dealt with before the program is up and running and free to cause widespread trouble.

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Static code review testing can be done through software offered by Checkmarx. Static code analysis software has the advantage of being powerful enough to find anomalies often missed by dynamic web scanning. When performing a static code analysis, all of the code within the program will be scanned. By carrying out such a thorough investigation, the potential to uncover latent problems in any part of the coding is very strong. This way there is less worry that any hidden issues are lurking in some forgotten section of code just waiting to cause havoc.

You can make use of it early on

It is possible to run this type of analysis on the code as a program that is in development. Analysing code as the system is being built means that you will be made aware of bugs early on. And the earlier you discover a fault, the cheaper it will be to fix.

It can hone in on the specifics

While some forms of code analysis can merely tell you that an issue, static code analysis has the power to target the specific areas of code that are causing a problem. This way, it facilitates a much greater understanding of the code and also takes the guesswork out of uncovering the root of the trouble.

There are other options on the market when it comes to code investigation, however, static code analysis is highly recommended. It provides vast amounts of program information. We know that knowledge is the best way to gain problem free code. And in today’s ever-advancing technological world. That is non-negotiable.'