Strategies that can help you build links right Now

Building links have now gained a great importance in the field of business and website rankings. Many people now build links by adopting different ways. But one always has to keep in mind that it’s not about the quantity. People now try to build as many links as they but they should be concentrating more on building fewer links but at the most trusted websites so that their website will be able to get more genuine traffic. Links on every other website can also result in getting you a negative number of traffic which can also be harmful to the ranking of your website. So, strategies that can help you to a great extent for building links to your websites are discussed below. According to Akshat Thapa from, you must have a look at them in order to learn about making your business grow and your website goes to a higher rank at SEO.

Build contacts with some influencers:

Building links is majorly a task of research. Make a research of the most famous and helpful influencers who can make you able to get a lot of genuine traffic through building link for your website. This work can be done free of cost. You can write some articles for those influencers and in return, they will publish your link on their websites and that will surely lead your website to get a high amount of traffic. You can also meet those influencers in person to know better about them and their working in order to make your future link building processes more easily. Moreover, the most important thing, in this case, would be to not search for hundreds of influencers. Finding 10 to 15 appropriate influencers is enough. It is because if you will be looking for a great number of influencers then you will probably end up being with none. Says Joshua from

The balance you’re following and no follow links :

Links are probably of two types. Follow links will take the traffic to a next website. People probably add follow links in their websites as they only found them to be beneficial. But in reality, if your website will be full of following links then the Google can also remove it from the high rankings. So you should keep a balance of following and no follow links on your website. Nowadays, press release distribution sites offer nofollow links only.

Try to build as many organic links as you can:

Paid links are usually easily recognized by Google. Therefore, you should try to build organic links at different websites. For this purpose, you can also do something for the person from whom you are trying to get your work done. You can contact a person of related niche and can invite him to read your content. If he will find your content relatable and nice, then he will surely add up a follow link to your website on his own page. In this way, you can build a good number of organic links that will surely provide your website with a good number of traffic which would be interested in your content as well.

Use the tools which are PR focused:

Using the PR focused tools will help you to build a good number of quantity links at different places over the internet. The most recognizable PR focused tool is social media. If you will post your great content on social media it will surely get a lot of shares on its own without you doing anything for that. Moreover, people who will share it will probably have some interest in your niche and would have a circle of people who are interested in it too. This will make your website get a lot of traffic that would be useful for you too.'