Technology in Business: 4 Business Processes Made Significantly Easier


Technology has brought about a lot of change in the modern world. Many things that were considered practically impossible in the past are now within arm’s reach. Not only has the life of the individuals changed around the globe, but businesses are now in a position to perform a variety of different tasks more easily and we will be looking at the most notable examples in this article.

These are the four business processes that have been made much easier with recent hardware and software solutions.

Employee management3

Managing a smaller workforce of only 5 to 10 people is fairly easy and was never a serious challenge to manage. However, once the numbers start going up, managing all of the employees becomes a much more challenging task. It was difficult for companies to effectively manage a large workforce only a decade ago, as there were no adequate software solutions available. Nowadays, however, no matter how big a business’s team is, very little effort is required to ensure smooth sailing.

All this is made possible with a variety of software solutions specifically designed to make this process incredibly easy. Variety of online apps and platforms make it possible for managers to capture all the important data about every single employee.

Their address, contact information, attendance and absence percentage and how well he or she is performing in their workplace. Having all this data accessible to company executives is essential during the process of picking the right people for promotion.

Additionally, it is possible to track the performance of the whole team for every project they work on, which gives a great insight about the necessary changes in the workflow that would increase the productivity of the whole team.

Technology has made employee management an easy task, making it easier for businesses to achieve better results with efficient teams.


Collaboration is important as it allows the involvement of many people on projects, significantly reducing the time needed to complete every one of them. On the other hand, collaborative tools have made it possible for businesses to easily outsource a variety of projects that need to be completed within a particular time frame.

This business process is improved by both hardware and software.

  • Hardware – Devices that have become incredibly popular during the last decade have also penetrated the business world. smartphones and tablets offer an incredible amount of flexibility for all employees. People can now utilize their commuting time or finish minor tasks from their homes without investing too much time.
  • Software – All of the previously mentioned devices would be rather useless if there were no powerful software solutions. A technology that has become very popular in all of the countries around the world is cloud computing. This technology has allowed businesses to organize incredible collaboration, as people are in a position to simultaneously work on a variety of documents and all of the changes are immediate. The most important thing is that these software solutions are compatible with all types of devices and their operating systems, making them accessible to all of the people in the team.

Businesses are in a much better position nowadays, as increasing productivity has become relatively easy.

Marketing efficiency3

Marketing is a serious business process for all types of business. In the past, creating a powerful marketing campaign required high financial investment. However, with the popularization of the internet, this has become a much different story.

Businesses are now in a position to hire marketing experts who can easily find and appeal to the business’s target audience. This is something that was practically impossible in the past. Furthermore, organic traffic is something that requires no financial investment but can bring a lot of new customers to the business.

Furthermore, social media networks are incredibly popular now, and establishing social media presence is a great way of performing marketing. As it is always necessary to be present in several different social media networks, relying on software solutions such as HootSuite, it is possible to simultaneously take care of several different social media accounts.

On the other hand, email marketing is also a great way to reach out to customers who are already interested in your business, and with the help of variety of software tools, it is possible to automate this whole process.

For example, MailChimp is an email marketing management tool that lets marketers follow the behavior of their email list subscribers, according to which they can make tweaks to improve the efficiency of their marketing efforts.

Asset management3

During the business creation process, managing assets is fairly easy, as there is not much to think about. However, as the business grows, the number of company’s assets significantly grows, making it harder for managers to track everything. Incredibly big companies used to struggle a lot in the past, as it was very hard to manage all of the company assets.

Luckily, it is possible to track IT assets using software. Inclusion of this software is necessary if your company is facing rapid growth, as it is during these busy periods when people forget about different assets of their company.

Asset management makes the following things much easier:

  • Financial savings – Not regularly maintaining a variety of assets can lead to higher costs over a longer period of time, additionally, completely forgetting about other remote assets causes unnecessary loss that no company should face. Implementation of these software tool helps prevent this kind of situation, saving some businesses millions.
  • Better workflow – Managing software and hardware expiration dates are very important, as they can create unnecessary problems during project development. For example, imagine your Basecamp subscription expiring in the middle of a project. That would cause unnecessary delays and financial loss to your company.

Tracking company assets is very important and it is made much easier with technology today.

These are the business processes where technology has created a lot of improvement. This development of technology is also opening doors to many people who want to start a business, as automation and small team efficiency creates an atmosphere where only a couple of people can get a lot of the work done.

We are only to wait and see how things are going to change in the future, but one thing is certain, technology will make many business processes even easier, enabling many people to start their own companies.

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