The arrival of amazing apps to enrich the PCs

Today, everybody dreams to have a mini digital world at his or her place, where the whole world will be within the easy reach. Technologies are improvising with each passing day and so are the babies such as computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, so on and so forth. Even an ordinary man nowadays is using a Smartphone and going tech-savvy. They are feeling elated to be a part of this new wave of digitalization and hence, are resorting to innovative apps and technology tips to scale new heights in terms of technology. After all, who would ever want to be left out in the crowd that is going frenzy with this craze of technology?

More about technology: Intechbuzz is one such place that provides high-end technology solutions for the all and sundry today. With their wide range of technology tricks in various domains, ranging from latest gadgets and apps for PCs to tech-blogging and social media stuff, it is more of an online store for all types of technology solutions. One of the most important components of technology are the various kinds of apps that adorn the personal computers, android, Windows and iOS phones, tablets, etc. Let us take a tour of the splendid store of apps here.Image result for enrich the computer

  • The Xender App: File transfer in various formats has become very crucial nowadays. As a hassle-free solution for all kinds of file transfers, the Xender app comes handy with its exclusive feature that enables file transfer from one PC to another without any complexity. This is available for all versions of Windows, Macbook, and Android and is painless to install via Bluestacks app for the personal computers or laptops. A valid Google account will make things even simpler by proper synchronization of all the features ultimately leading to the smooth running of the app.
  • The mCent App: It feels good to get something free in today’s market and nothing can be better than this magnificent mCent app. It allows the user to use free internet, send online gifts to their close friends and family, help to find free apps and even assist in monitoring the data usage. The excellent tech guide here gives a detailed discussion about the simple installation steps for every Windows version of the personal computers, laptops, etc. as well as for the Macbook iOS version. Although this app was designed to run on Android phones only, yet, there are makeshift ways today of installing them for the computers as well.

  • The Ola Cabs App: One of the most popular apps today that has already gained accolades amongst the common people for its utility in booking cabs from the Smartphone itself is the Ola Cabs App. Now, it is no more limited to phones and can be downloaded into the personal computers and laptops as well. With the help of the Bluestacks app online, one can easily have this app installed in his or her system today.

Apart from the above-mentioned widespread apps, Intechbuzz has other exciting apps like the Screen Grabber and Fallout Shelter in its store too. Therefore, without further ado, just get engrossed in this awesome app world at your home or while on the go too.'