The benefits of Actionable Intelligence

Okay so the day has finally come when the worst fears of most people has come to life. Yes, it’s the era of Big Brother!

And here’s the funny thing: we are Big Brother.

Instead of the government imposing a wide scale surveillance system to invade our privacy, we ourselves do it and no one is forcing us to do it!

And this is why people who believe that the work of gathering information to turn it into Actionable Intelligence is a government conspiracy that everyone should be wary about.Image result for The benefits of Actionable Intelligence

First off, what is it and why are people so afraid of it?

Actionable Intelligence is basically the act of gathering data that someone can act upon. This is something that large corporations, law and security enforcement groups and other corporate entities use for their own purposes.

And you’re right, in some way, your privacy is lessened because of these security measures. But, the trade-off has much more value than your fear of people watching you when you’re out in public.

So, let’s talk about the benefits of Actionable Intelligence!

  • Data gathered from any source becomes more valuable

As we’ve already mentioned above, data is being gathered by a lot of corporations and other entities out there. This helps them make crucial decisions to forward their cause or become successful in their industry. So, the next commercial or billboard you see out there is a direct result of the efficient data gathered and acted upon!

  • Law and security enforcement agencies become more efficient

One sector that uses this type of data gathering is the security and law enforcement units in any city. This is because it helps them maximize their manpower and available resources. Because there’s no more need to do active patrol work, policemen can focus on other tasks. If a situation does arise, the exact number of people can immediately be dispatched. This leads to more efficiency for these groups!

  • Crucial decisions can be acted upon immediately.

Because of the large database of knowledge available to you, second guessing your decisions can be considered a thing of the past in most occasions.

  • Data gathered can be shared amongst other groups for better benchmarking

You’re only as strong as the weakest link in your chain. This statement is very true especially if we’re talking about the government as a whole. But, talking about the entire government is going to dictate the need for another article. Instead, let’s focus on the security and law enforcement groups. Data gathered through their operations can now be shared seamlessly to each other leading to better understanding of certain situations and how to best handle them. With that info, both groups can provide the general public with an enhanced form of security and keep everyone safe the way they are supposed to as stated on their job description!

So, if the only reason why you’d be hesitant about his becoming an accepted norm is the feeling that you’re always getting watched, think about the other reasons why you should accept it. It has more benefits than downsides!'