The Electronic Cigarette Story

The story of the electronic cigarette is not a long one compared to that of the tobacco cigarette. Tobacco has long been a part of our culture going clear back to the founding of our land, and the cigarette itself has seventy plus year history of its own.

The tobacco cigarette really didn’t take hold until World War II, and then after that the cases of lung cancer spiraled out of hand and here we are today still with 160,000 lung cancer deaths per year, nearly all traceable to cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke contains over 200 carcinogenic chemicals in addition to cyanide and arsenic. The tar from cigarette smoke is enough to kill people,  and it does, causing COPD which is lethal and you can live longer by vaping.

No wonder electronic cigarettes are having such a welcome start. They simulate everything that a cigarette does and more. The typical e cigarette is nothing more than a cylinder with a container of a glycol fluid within that becomes atomized into a vapor, which looks like smoke and acts like it too. This harmless vapor is inhaled and exhaled by the user, and here we are today.

The liquid, or e liquid as it is sometimes called can be mixed with all kinds of flavoring from fruit flavoring, chocolate, vanilla, mint, menthol, and tobacco. A mixture of nicotine can also be added at different strengths, and that is how many started by gradually reducing their nicotine strength until it was gone, and they are left with just the flavors. What fun!

Original sales of the e cigarettes were in the mere thousands in the first year or so, around 2009, and in 2018 they are expected to top over one billion. This is becoming a world wide phenomenon and it is not looking like it is going to stop very soon.

When the regulatory agencies begin snooping around and saying that they had probably better look into regulating an industry, that simply means that the volume is getting big enough for them to tax. They claim that “no one knows what is in them” so we need to protect the public. Actually, regulating the e cigarettes won’t stem the tide, because this social tidal wave will be decided by the public, as far as the total success, and so far the verdict is quite good.

People can, and have used this as a very successful smoking cessation device, and they are having a lot of fun doing it, so it doesn’t look like this is slowing down at all. Most who try e cigarettes, stay with it and this is a trend that will probably continue for a long time to come.'