The UHD photo quality of Galaxy S9 is outstanding

Samsung has recently launched its two flagships Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. These flagships will get replaced in the near future once the upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 hit the shelves. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is designed to make life better with its reliable, beautiful, speedy, and innovative features.

Compared to S7, In Galaxy S8, one of the few added software has the option “Mobile Button”, with which it can place a floating shutter button at a desired point of the display. By one from right Swipe appear the filters, while on the left we see the various shooting modes: Auto, Pro, Panoramic, Selective Focus, Slow Motion, Hyper-lapse, Food and Trip Alerts. The functions of Galaxy S9 are more optimized than its predecessors. The Galaxy S9 would become one of the best phones of 2018, featuring a durable metal and glass body that will be waterproof and dustproof, modern, stylish with superior performance.

Done this preamble, the photo quality of Galaxy S8 remains almost the same as its predecessor in the daytime phase, with all the advantages of the case. With a wide focal opening is possible to realize excellent effect natural, the color range is well reproduced and, through mode Auto HDR, you can take beautiful photos even in difficult light conditions. It also remains the technology Dual Pixel, which ensures fast AF and very precise. But it is during the night you can enjoy an improvement, though not incredible, S8. In fact, the pictures appear to have a color calibration but above the temperature of the white more than adequate, with colors less tending to yellowish. The single LED flash is powerful and well balanced. Galaxy S9 will follow the path of Galaxy S8 and come out with more refine features and functions.

With regard to the front camera, the changes are more noticeable, from the shortest wide-angle sensor, which returns more natural forms to subject movement but limits the amplitude of the image. We find a mechanism autofocus, responsive and that, if properly exploited, allows obtaining an effect bokeh also in their selfie. Even in this case, the color fidelity has been brought to a higher step.

At night stage, we see the intervention of the software even if, thanks to higher definition, contours, and colors are not mixed but not free from defects. With Galaxy S9, picture clicking will become more fun. The 12MP front camera with 21MP Dual lens back camera plus Dual Color Flash in Galaxy S9 is outstanding.

What we said well for the photographic industry goes for the video. You can register up to UHD, while the front one “only” QHD. The Stabilization OIS is also used in maximum resolution and intervenes in an optimal manner, although occasionally it is possible to notice some overhang. Very good autofocus is especially in UHD mode. Galaxy S9 picture quality with a wide range of colors and great sharpness and contrast will win everyone’s, heart.

A graphic level we see some changes since the interface incorporates the curved lines and sinuous design of the S8. But several changes we find especially in software, especially the addition of the various unlocking methods. Compared to their predecessors, the Rimage Game Center and Samsung Themes, with which to customize full use during gaming and graphic interface. Galaxy S9 with more optimized functions will rock next year.

Source: Samsung Galaxy S9'