Things Nobody Tells You About WordPress When Starting Out

We all know that WordPress is amazing. If it wasn’t like that, it wouldn’t be used by most of us. But, there are some things not everyone tells you about WordPress before you venture into it.

1. WordPress is not that easy. A lot of people tell you WordPress is a piece of cake when you are first starting your work on it. WordPress is not exactly what you would call difficult, but it isn’t easy either. Simple would be a better word for that, but that is too a far cry from the truth. You won’t find it terribly difficult to learn once you start getting into it, but if people tell you that is will be super easy for you, don’t believe them. Image result for Things Nobody Tells You About WordPress When Starting Out

2. It is not only the core part of WordPress that matters, but all the additional things you get with it. This might be something a lot of seasoned WordPress vets know by heart, but a lot of newbies venturing into this world might not have heard. WordPress has amazing central functionality, but it wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for all the extras. So, you should know that WordPress is a synergy between the outside and the inside, the core, and the extras. One without the other wouldn’t amount to much, but when you use them together, it creates an incredibly powerful tool and the best CMS in the world today.

  1. This ties back to the first one. People always talk about how doing things in WordPress is without a hitch and that everything goes as smoothly as possible. That isn’t always the case. You might have been using WordPress for some time now, and you may have gotten away without any bigger errors, but if you have been using it for longer than that, you would have probably encountered something that makes you pull out your hair.

    4. WordPress is a very safe website, but it is not picture perfect when it comes to safety. If somebody tells you that you have absolutely nothing to worry about when using it, they aren’t exactly telling you the whole truth. Yes, WordPress is safe, but yes, you should also always think about safety. Things can happen, and you can find yourself in a world of trouble, if you don’t protect yourself and prepare ahead of time. That is why it is important to backup your website all the time, and to have the right protection when things get messy.

    That being said, these things should be far from deterring to use WordPress. They are just to remind you of the things that people don’t mention often, so you can use WordPress to its fullest, and while being aware of the things you should keep in mind or stay away from. Knowing these things will help you get a much fuller WordPress experience, and in the end find more success with it. WordPress isn’t the most popular CMS in the world without a reason.'