This Software Is the Best Archiving Software Solution Currently on the Market

The company has several different pricing options available for the Archive.FS and these include both perpetual as well as subscription licenses.

Free License

You are able to read more about Archive.FS free license here. This Archiving software from MLtek comes with a free license already installed. It will support up to 5 scheduled tasks and unlimited processing. The only restriction is that there is a limit of 100 files being processed each time a schedule task runs. You are able to use this free version but it does not come with any assisted support.

Report issues

Of course, we would love to hear about issues that might arise or you find while using this free version even though it does not formally come with support.Related image

Subscription licenses

Subscription licenses provide 2 TB of processing each year and support an unlimited number of scheduled tasks – starts at only $800 a year. The pricing of the subscription model is established on the amount of file data you need to migrate each year from the live file system to your archive in TB’s. This is unlike other company products pricing as most of them do not based their price on the amount of data setting in the archive. At the end of the day, it is your storage, why should you pay someone else every year to use it?

Perpetual licenses

Perpetual licenses work on a single payment option. You will make a single payment and then are able to use this software as long as you wish. Perpetual licenses are not restricted by the size of the data they process, instead will back a maximum number of scheduled tasks.

Perpetual Express licenses

Perpetual Express licenses support one scheduled job; standard supports 5 task and datacenter support an unlimited number of tasks. These come with a one year’s worth of support and updates in that price and this can be renewed each year @ 20% of the list price at the time of renewal.

Please fill in the below form and email it back with the invoice and remittance advice. If you wish to order multiple license please email as discounts sometime are obtainable on orders multiple license.'