Top 3 flash games for two players

Among many different game genres on the Internet, flash games for two players are worthy of special attention. Their distinctive feature is the ability to play with your friend at the same computer. Manamonster website presents TOP threeflash games for two players, everyone can find an interesting game for him:

  1. Money Movers: Guard 3 Dut

This game is a kind of logical brothel and takes you to a prison building where you have to help the guard and his faithful dog to catch all the fugitives and to return them to the cells. It is necessary to solve a lot of different puzzles, during which you need to launch various mechanisms and conquer the high-rise platforms. In this case, it is better to act together, since it is possible to neutralize the robber only in this order: first the dog should intimidate him, and then the guard will be able to attach handcuffs to him. This game is a real test of your friendship and mutual assistance, because even the money you have collected goes to the common piggy bank.

  1. Kawairun

The essence of this game is to help the hero, who can be chosen among the ready characters or createdby you, to overcome the maximum possible distance. This will require complete concentration and excellent response because your little man moves automatically, and you should only perform jumps or slides that will allow him to pass the obstacles on the way.

In this game there is no life counter – after the fall you need to lift him from the groundquickly, otherwise, you will lose. Throughout the game you will see 3 colorful locations: running through the woods, along the snow-covered terrain and the cemetery.

  1. Square Meal

This game takes you to a gloomy underground labyrinth and introduces a couple of funny and clumsy creatures with horns that have to deal with all the enemies on the level.
To do this, they only need to be eaten, however, they will have to be immobilizedbefore that, deafened by a heavy stone. Since your heroes do not have hands, they should use their long and sticky tongue to swallow cobblestones, and then to spit them out. In addition, this method will help the heroes to eat foods scattered throughout the dungeon.'