Uses Of Audio Reinforcement System

The most important function of an audio reinforcement system is to enhance audio both live and existing over a large area. In other words an audio reinforcement system helps the audio to reach a much larger and farther audience without declining the quality of the audio. Modern day audio reinforcement systems however can also increase the quality of the audio while amplifying it at the same time.

Audio reinforcement systems can be as huge and complex as used in talk shows and presidential debates where a large of microphones, arrays and signal processing systems are used, an example of a small audio reinforcement system can be a single person addressing to small group of people using a single microphone and a small loudspeaker. Both of these systems have one thing in common, i.e. to distribute the audio over a wider audience and hence come under the category of audio reinforcement systems.

These systems might has the same common purpose however some of their components change according to the usage. For example in churches, achieving a clear and natural audio speech is not simple. It requires a careful selection and detailed setup of products. PA systems perform better than SR systems in churches. The most important component of a church system is the microphone.

One must get the best possible microphone to capture the audio to be used in later steps. The second important component is the placement of the loud speakers. For smaller churches one might just simply use the trial method to put speakers in various places and monitor for the best results but when it comes to large churches one must use the CAD programmes to figure out the best location to put the loudspeakers.

In places like courtroom, there are multiple number of microphones working at the same time as compared to church where there is generally need for a single microphone. Hence use of digitally controlled audio mixing and signal processing systems has become the standard for any court as this can allow up to 15 microphones to work at the same time without any problems. Use of sound reinforcement systems in a classroom not only reduces the fatigue of the teacher but also helps the children to pay more attention towards the teacher because they can much clearly hear the teacher now.

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