Valuation of your car at your doorstep with Truebil

Looking for a place to get your old car valuation done? What if someone comes to your residence with engineering experts and do the job?

You must be thinking that this can’t be true. The fact is that it is. If you are a resident of Bangalore then your used car valuation is done by Truebil in a very easy way. provides innumerable facilities for the sellers on its website and you can put price of used Hyundai Verna car in Bangalore on the website after it is reviewed by their team.

For a seller the most difficult thing is that sometimes they don’t even know what the value of their second hand car is. And it is very difficult to trust the local dealers in that matter. Or maybe you do not have the time to go from place to place with your car and get it valued. Truebil provides a facility of getting the car valued at home for its sellers.

If you want to sell a car through Truebil you just need to contact their 24 hour service and they will come to your residence at your convenient time with a team of experts and click more than 30 photos of the car along with the engineering evaluation of the car. An honest value is told and the buyers find it very transparent on this website because of its unbiased overviews.

Many happy customers that the website has built in years have put testimonials and reviews on the website attracting more people towards this website and they also refer their friends and family.

The transparency

With Truebil unlike other online websites that sell cars, you get to meet the seller and take a test drive of the car that you are going to buy. Meeting the seller also gives you a chance of negotiating the price directly with the seller.'