Visitor Management in the Office: How to Do it Right

Creating a positive first impression is one of the most common goals in many offices. Whether it is for clients or potential employees, the management must strive to create a pleasant experience once the visitors step in the front office. How is this possible? The rest of this post tackles some of the easy ways for proper visitor management in your office.

Make it Fast

We all hate being on the waiting end. As much as possible, we want everything to be fast and seamless, even when it comes to visitor registration. That being said, it is important to create a speedy system for managing visitors. One of the best ways to do this is by using a visitor check in app, such as what Greetly provides. There is no need for manual registration, which is why the sign in process will be a lot quicker.

Ditch the Receptionist

Having a human receptionist may seem a good idea but it will only be an additional cost for your business. A good alternative is to use an iPad receptionist instead, such as This is one of the most effective ways to paint a picture of being a technologically-advanced office. By being able to embrace technology in place of human functions, you are not only improving the overall visitor experience, but you are also tapping an effective way to become more cost-efficient.

Make People Feel Secured

Have you ever entered an office and felt the environment to be quite sketchy? This is exactly one thing that you don’t want your visitors to feel. For improved visitor management, make sure that security is given emphasis. To improve the physical security in the office, you need to use a visitor management software, CCTV cameras, and security guards, among other things.

Provide Independence

It is also important that customers feel independent when they are visiting the office. This means that they should never feel that they are reliant on the help of a receptionist. From checking in to meeting their contact person, they must be able to do this on their own. This is another reason why investing in a digital receptionist will be a good idea.

Emphasize the Design of the Front Office

At the end of the day, the most important is the design of the front office. This is the first thing that the visitors will see. They will most likely judge your business based on how the front office looks. The waiting area should be comfortable. It will also be good to have a coat rack, especially during the winter months. Provide signage so that guests will know that they are at the right place. Choose colors that are warm and inviting.

In sum, visitor management should be given emphasis in any office, whether it is for a small or big business. By keeping in mind the things that have been mentioned above, it will be possible to create a positive experience and favorable impression.'