What are the best apps for your baby to grow and learn from?

Babies are like clay; they way you mould them when they are infants is what they will turn out to be when they grow up. So, as responsible parents, you need to be extra careful about the things that your child uses to play with or learn from in this modern and technological generation. Without wasting any more time, make sure your child enjoys the best time of his or her life with these fun and educational apps.


An app that is simple and easy for a child but has the power to relax the mind of the one who is using this app. Your child can use this app to experiment with music and use it to explore the world of composition. No matter how it sounds, it is perfect for kids. All your kid has to do is tap on the screen of the device to play music in loops. Continuously tapping on the screen helps to produce a unique and beautiful composition.


Comes at a cost but this is an app that is perfect to keep your child engrossed. It is way better than Minecraft, and your kid gets the opportunity to create worlds that are unique in 2D. So, allow them to explore places, build things and learn along with it.

Pokemon Go.

A game that has turned the world upside down.  The simple yet outstanding idea of this game is taking a toll on everyone. Your child will be very interested to catch the Pokemon and take part in the events. Your child will get a chance to venture out into the real world to collect Pokemon and go to battle, too.  This game has done something that years and years of nagging couldn’t do. It will take your kid outdoors and finally off the couch. If you are up for the challenge of taking your kids to the park, streets or in short anywhere, then this is the app you download for them.

Crazy Gears.

You need a game where your child gets the opportunity to think and solve problems. The best part about Crazy Gears is that your child will not have to follow any rules. They do it their way by experimenting things and try to figure out everything. A parent will get the needed information, fun facts, definitions and project ideas that aren’t present in the game. Despite the fact that it is a game there is no language involved which means anyone from any part of the world can play it.

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Disney Animated.

Is there anyone who isn’t fascinated by Disney? We don’t think so. Even adults can’t get enough of it. This app is a representation of how Disney is using the animation techniques in educational ways. You will get to see how this app brings together the days that have passed by where animations were hand drawn. Your child will get access to all the fifty-three Disney movies where there are tools for your kids to learn. You can control as well as manipulate the characters in this app. If your child loves Disney, then this is the app you choose for them.

Toca Nature.

How about allowing your little one to build and dig? Yes, without obviously getting dirty. This game will enable children to move the Earth to make way for lakes and rivers. With a few taps here and there on the screen, your child can build trees where bears, rabbits, beavers and fishes tell them all about where they reside. Kids can zoom in to get a more personal and closer view and learn all about the creation of God.

DragonBox Algebra.

How about having an app that will help your child learn how to solve algebraic equations? This innovative and educational app has the power to help your child’s brain develop. The rules of this game are the same as mathematics where your kid solves the puzzle in the most fun and educational way.

The tiny little person in your home needs to grow and develop. That is why we made you a list of apps that are most ingenious, absorbing and innovative for kids of all groups.