What Kinds of Tasks Should You be Automating?

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Statistics show that although technology has afforded people more time than in the past, many are now more anxious and busier than ever before. For the typical American, who works eight hours a day and five days a week, this can be a source for a lot of stress. Thankfully, today’s mobile technology provides some assistance in task management and scheduling. If used properly, your mobile phone can function almost like a personal assistant by automating some of your daily tasks.

Given that task automation is possible with a smartphone, the next question is which tasks can be automated. Vilfredo Pareto, an italian engineer, economist, and philosopher and the eponymous author of the Pareto Principle (or the 80-20 rule as many have come to know it), states that twenty-percent of input produces eighty-percent of the results; the remaining eighty-percent of input produces only twenty-percent of the results. The crucial part is identifying which twenty-percent of your input that produces eighty-percent of your results; whatever remains after that (the eighty-percent of your effort that produces only twenty-percent of your results) is what you should automate.Image result for What Kinds of Tasks Should You be Automating?

Thankfully, with all the technology available today, there’s an app for virtually anything you can think of. Whether you’re looking to keep in touch with your clients or send out some emails, there’s an app for you. In addition, you can find software for mobile app testing (which are especially important when you’re trying to create your own app).

Here are some of the common tasks you can automate right away:

Staying In Touch With Clients And Customers

Although email is a great tool for interacting with your clients and customers, managing  your interactions manually can be a pain, especially if you have a lot of people on your list. Autoresponder software allows you to send out emails automatically at scheduled times. If you want to greet all your customers over the holidays or thank them after company milestones, software like MailChimp, Get Response, and Constant Contact allow you to schedule your messages in advance. This shows your customers that you care without taking up so much of your time.

Managing Social Media Sites

Because many people today exist vicariously through their social networking and social media sites, companies should consider managing their social media content well. Software like Hootsuite, Grum, and Tweetdeck allow you to manage your different social media sites simultaneously; you’ll also be able to schedule posts in advance.

Accounting And Managing Expenses

Be your own bookkeeper using budgeting software like Quickbooks and Freshbooks. Not everyone has the luxury (or the cash) to pay for a personal accountant. These apps allow you to manage and track your finances at a low cost. After all, wouldn’t it be ironic to drop a lot of money on something that’s supposed to help you manage expenses?

To ensure that your apps run optimally, Perfecto mobile offers comprehensive mobile app testing that allows you to debug and refine your software. Once everything is up-and-running, you’ll realize that there’s so much time you can save. Time is gold, and who wouldn’t want more gold?