What To Do About Your Print Marketing?

If you are trying to develop a marketing strategy, you might be considering the printing of brochures. If your business offers a complex service or product, this might actually be the best way to introduce people to what you do.  A physical brochure is also great because it gives people something to hold on to, which will make it easier for them to remember; resulting in a higher likelihood that they will take a look at your website in the future.

As such, here are a few Brochure Printing in Montreal design strategies to help you maximize exposure through brochure distribution.


One thing you need to consider when designing your brochure is that the size and style of the font can be very jarring or very soothing online.  Experts actually argue, now, that specialty fonts are more popular these days because consumers feel that the fonts feel more personal and emotionally-connected.  Fonts, of course, are things like Times New Roman, Calibri, and Arial.Image result for What To Do About Your Print Marketing?


One of the newest additions to web marketing is the long scroll. This feature serves mobile-based websites and ads because people tend to more often use their phones in portrait view (as opposed to landscape view).  For many years, it was important to get as much pertinent information into one screen (a la “Splash Page,” for example) but those days are soon to be gone.  The new trend is to design websites that actually encourage (and require) users to manually scroll through the content (as opposed to the auto scroll feature).


Animation is among the most important type of web content to have on your website. Animations fall into several categories, including: background video, animated shorts, and more. And with 3D on the rise, animations could continue to become more and more dire as the days go on.  

Studies show that the human eye is naturally drawn to movement.  So animation is a great way to capture the attention of random consumers. And, of course, the hope here is to encourage new viewers to become visitors or subscribers after introducing them to all the amenities associated with your business.