What to Keep In Mind Before Buying a WordPress Theme

Project your needs before buying your theme. Are you tired of always having the same website? Are you a constant renovator and do you feel the need to change your site every so often?

Do you have a very old website and want to renew it by adopting it to modern times?

These are just some of the questions I could ask you to know why you intend to change your website. In this post, I am going to give you some tips that you should keep in mind when making a change of Theme or theme of your site in WordPress or in other similar CMS.

Buy a Responsive Theme

The first advice is that you do not mention the error of buying your theme without it being adapted to all the devices (responsive). In the era of mobile and tablets, not having a website with these characteristics can become a sin:

  • It can hurt you noticeably in that first contact made by your website with a potential client.
  • It can also be a disruption if you are thinking about doing advertising actions on the Internet, such as Google Adwords or other platforms.
  • And it can even be a handicap when your readers read your blog.
  • It is not my intention to speak in this post about the number of people browsing the Internet using mobile devices; I only encourage you that if you really want to have a higher conversion rate (no matter what the objective), you choose to be present in the whole of devices.

Buy a Theme Adapted to the Latest Version of WordPress

In general, all the themes are adapted to the latest version of WordPress, but it is not enough that before making your purchase you look for the latest version of WordPress on the market and compare it with the characteristics of the theme. Although there are usually no compatibility issues, it is important that the theme can be fully adapted to the Content Manager.

Think About Your Needs Before Buying a WordPress Theme

Before buying a theme, you should think that it is exactly what you are looking for with the change and how you are going to implement it. In most of the platforms for the sale of themes, check for Swiss WordPress templates they usually come with a demo where it shows you the characteristics of the theme. Think about the deficiencies that you have on your current website and look for something according to your needs, for example:

  • Slider (carousel)
  • Integration with social networks
  • SEO optimization
  • Effective E-Marketing System
  • Responsive
  • Load speed
  • Optimized to translate without difficulty

Look For Themes That Allow You to Personalize to Your Liking

Try to choose best WordPress themes from Switzerland that give you a versatility in visual and structural changes. Surely you are going to tell me that with a plugin everything is solved, I say no. It is always better that by default the theme allows you to make changes.


Before choosing a new theme, make sure that is exactly what you need to improve your presence on the Internet. It is true that we all want to have the best website, the most beautiful, but it is also important that it is a site that achieves the goal of converting, of attracting our potential clients and that they have a good user experience.