Why UK Industries Prefer Stainless Tool Wrap to the Furnace Method

Stainless steel tool wrap has become a method rapidly growing in popularity across most industries in the UK. The wrap is made to protect parts for the duration of the heating process and is deemed as highly efficient. Here are the top reasons why foil wrap is preferred to a furnace with a controlled atmosphere:

  1. Tool wrap UK companies make it so cheap and easy

Tool wrap UK manufacturers have made the component heat treatment process very easy. It is as simple as ordering the sheets online and then wrapping these accordingly, to protect the parts you will be working on. Besides, the price is so much lower, since there is no need to pay for the expensive special furnace and the process of creating a suitable atmosphere. Also, foil can be purchased in the size that you need – so if the task calls for a small sheet, then that is all you will be using.Image result for Stainless Tool Wraps

  1. Outstanding results achieved

Tool wrap foil is extremely resistant. It can work in temperatures as high as 2,000 F or 1,000 degrees Celsius. Besides, it ensures an airtight container and one can easily eliminate the oxygen inside, in order to prevent decarburization or oxide buildup from happening. To make sure there is no oxygen left inside the envelope, experts recommend to simply burn an ember inside. The fire will consume any oxygen that’s left.

  1. Foil can mimic a vacuum furnace environment

When a furnace is employed, it’s not only about the high temperatures – it’s also an environment that’s emptied of oxygen, to prevent reactions. When you seal a component inside a foil envelope, you obtain the same. You can then work on it at the desired temperature. The steel part won’t be scaled, discolored, pitted.

  1. Wrap foil is highly versatile

Steel tool wraps have multiple uses across various industries. These are efficient when dealing with small parts, as well as with major ones, such as in airplane part manufacturing. Whenever high temperatures are required, it can be relied on steel foil, unless it manufacturer recommends a certain maximum temperature. In this case, anything that goes higher than that will cause the wrap to melt.  

  1. Steel foil is easy to purchase

You can obtain steel tool wrap fairly easily within the UK. It is as simple as performing an online search and locating a reliable provider that’s close to you. Place an order and the package will be delivered to your door, ready for use.

The popularity of steel tool wrap does not mean that the furnace method is completely outdated. The two coexist and a part manufacturer’s duty is to select the most appropriate one for the application at hand. In some cases, employing a furnace may mean saving more time. However, wrapping is also a quick method – it just depends on the application and the amount, as mentioned.